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  1. 1.8 Tdci Hissing Noise

    Fitted a new 48mm silicone elbow. Took about 20 mins, quite easy...job done.
  2. 1.8 Tdci Hissing Noise

    Thanks for the help. I phoned Ford parts dept. and the guy identified the hase but it came as part of a larger assy which I don't need. I have measured the hose and it seems to be a standard 48mm ID 90 deg elbow,easily avaiable from the net so i will send for a good quality silicone one at around £15 and i'll feedback how i get on. PS I have done a temp repair with some heavy duty tape secured with a couple of cable ties and it's holding out well.
  3. 1.8 Tdci Hissing Noise

    Thanks. I checked and found a hose with a split on it. It's approx 60mm dia elbow as shown in the pic. Does anyone know what the hose is called so I can source areplacement?
  4. 1.8 Tdci Hissing Noise

    My 1.8 focus tdci has developed a hissing noise when I accellerate (it sounds as if it's coming from the air vents but it only happens when the car is moving). The performance and fuel consumption seems fine and the noise is fairly low but has a definite sound of hissing air. Can anyone help?
  5. Esure insurance

    I regret to say, my car was stolen and recovered after acouple of days. Esure are having some minor repairs done(some scratches and tyre damage). Sholud I trust them to give the car a thorough check or should I get an independant inspector to check the car when the return it. I don't want to spend £150 when a thorough check should come as a minimum on the insurance claim.
  6. brake problems

    My dealer phoned to say said the car was not on recall but the guy advised checking the connections around the servo. I did this and i got a qtr turn on one of the connections , hey presto no more brakes sticking. On hindsight I won't overlook the obvious in future.
  7. brake problems

    The car is booked into the dealers for a check on whether the vacuum non return valve has been replaced.(This should have been done as a ford recall). I will post how how I get on.
  8. brake problems

    Thanks for your input. I take it the pump helps improve braking, in this case the brakes work ok, it's just that they don't fully release. Although the pedal feels hard, it dosen't take any more effort to stop.
  9. brake problems

    I have a 2006 focus zetec tdci with all round disc brakes. The problem I have is after braking repeatedly (in town conditions) the brake pedal becomes firm and I seem to be getting brake drag. The car will still roll but not as freely as it should. The brakes return to normal after parking for a few minutes. Has anyone got any ideas what is wrong.