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  1. Looking for music box (mbx01)

    Not from using them myself, but a friend of mine had one of these in his car and it worked well. Basically like I said in previous post, there was the ability to create your own "playlists" in folders labeled CD1-6 and so on. Do you want to know something specific?
  2. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    That's always good to hear! ...btw, hyper blues are no problem at MOTs, I don't think anyone goes that far to check for the specifics of the bulb...and their colour is veeery subjective matter ...investigation of a car crash caused by you...well, that's a whole other thing though...
  3. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    This is not a dealbreaker though, I's still possible to switch to a sat-nav with camera input from breakers or so later...they sometimes have some nice offers on ebay, or even locally if you can find some in your area...I think the worst part still is wiring the whole thing...definitelly not as easy as on Focus mk2, lol Also, but don't get your hopes up on this, it's still a listing from a catalogue, which doesn't have to be 100% correct (and this is info directly from Ford).
  4. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    "Radio With Navigation Display; Mondeo 2007-; Low Level With Nav/CD/AM/FM Radio; Less Camera" So I wouldn't count on the sat-nav to have the camera input
  5. Looking for music box (mbx01)

    You put in USB with music (FAT32 formatted, up to only 2GB AFAIK) and you can play the music by selecting AUX on your stereo. You can then use VOL+/- and NEXT/PREV to control the music, and after turning the stereo OFF/ON, the music starts where it stopped. No song information on the display though, it only shows "AUX" or "AUXILIARY INPUT". You can get this same functionality from many other "USB music boxes" on the market, there are some "extended" functions like CD changer, where you can make CD1-6 folders on the USB drive to use as "playlists". This is not present in the Ford one.
  6. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    The build quality should be very high, of course, if it was taken care of. The mileage still looks a bit suspicious for a car like that, from that year. But what can you know, I have almost a 12y/o car and I have only 145k km on it, even newer cars come with twice that mileage, lol :D The drive with auto could be still fun, like you said, you still have the "manual" option there too, very nice of Ford, that they actually use it correctly - push up for lower gear, push down for higher gear, plus the sport mode. I tried it once on the diesel Focus ST mk3,5 estate (I know, completely different car) and the sport mode was amazing...revving it up to the limiter...all-the-time! lol ...amazing experience! So Mondeo with remap (even without), with this engine, that should be lot of fun For the camera issue, yes you are correct, there are 4 fakra connections and the beige one is for the camera, but I'm really not sure about the statement about the sat-nav having them automatically. Because, if you check here: will see that the version 18K931F, which should be the one in the Mondeo you linked, has both "Rear View Camera" and "Less camera" options. Btw, this catalog is very good and shows basically the equipment for the car as is, all you have to do is put a VIN# on the main Ford page. For some reason I can't search for the license plate - EJIIJSY - am I putting it there correctly? So I can't use the VIN# and look myself to check what options you have for retrofit.
  7. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Same here. Never really wanted auto, but recently considering it as the only option for my next car, whatever will it be. The 2.0 in Mondeo is from the same EcoBoost "family", but I don't think it's the same one as is in Focus ST. That in no way means it doesn't have the same agility as the ST. Don't take my word for granted here, as I never actually thought about comparing these two engines and I'm only writing this by memory of not reading anything like "the engines are the same". Maybe someone else will correct me here :) As for the camera, the wiring of original camera isn't technically hard, but it would be harder to get the parts. Original camera comes with the control unit which is mounted somewhere in the trunk area and it's wired two directions - one to the MCA (sat-nav) unit and one to the camera itself. I think this would be a PITA to get (for a decent price). Maybe, and this is a big maybe, the MCA unit can be "hacked" to run any camera, in which case it would be just a matter of getting one in the "aftermarket" section of your favourite shopping bay and wiring it to the front. But, you still need to change the MCA unit for the one that has a video-in connector. If it's not equipped with one from factory, it probably doesn't have one and it's not "plug&play" to install it.
  8. Reverse camera ???

    Did you have a little brown box with your new car stereo's wiring? If so, that is the CAN-BUS adapter. That's what reads information from your car, like when you put it in reverse and so on. If it worked before and now it does it only sometimes, there might be something wrong with the wiring or the box itself. Check if all the cables are properly attached and there are no "breaks" in them when you put in the stereo inside the dash. If there is no box with your wiring, or you don't have it connected, there should be a wire on your stereo's harness that's marked "REAR CAM" or similar, which needs 12V signal from reverse gear and that sends the signal to the stereo to display the rear cam image. If this is your case, then depending on how you wired it, it might need re-wiring, if it's attached poorly. Keep in mind, that you can only use one of these methods at the same time, otherwise it would cause issues with the electrical system in your car, for example, the reverse light would stay on even when the reverse gear is not in, or so... If you need further help, let us know what kind of connection from above do you use, that will give a better perspective on the problem.
  9. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Very nice Mondeo indeed. Quite a low mileage on such "old" car rearview cam though, at least I can't see the "hump" over license plate, and fitting one would probably (99% sure) require changing the whole MCA unit...just something to keep in mind - I remember that you fit one in your Focus... Definitely give it a good run if you will go to check it out, the mileage could be a little suspicious for car like Mondeo, no one probably buys it just to go shopping twice a week... Oh, and there's definitely no DPF which Damian mentioned above, so no worries about that :)
  10. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    This seems reasonable. I would do it this way too.
  11. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    About this...didn't have the same problem, but maybe it can put some light into the matter for you... Two years ago I asked my local Ford dealer to install the Eibach lowering springs for my Focus...and little did I know, how much this upgrade will cost me...the springs themselves were about €120,- then, brand was going for about €100-150,- for the installation...aaaaand two days later, there I was, with €1150,- bill in my hands, lol (I laugh about it now, but imagine my shock back then!) Turns out, they had to basically completely replace nearly all of my rear suspension parts, except for shocks and the whole "mount" which holds the parts on the car chasis (sorry for lack of exact part names, I don't really remember all of it and English is my second language, so it's harder to translate all of it ) But hey, this was on the 10years old car, yours is much younger and all the bolts and screws probably didn't rust all the way so you would have to saw them off, so you shouldn't expect the cost to be this big... Looking back at it, the biggest mistake was to take it to Ford, if it was a local garage, I assume the bill would be much lower, maybe half of the price! Ford charges way too much even for replacement (non Ford) parts! But then again, from what I read here, prices here in Slovakia are still lower than in UK/NI, so... Point of all this is, that even though I wanted to only change springs, it turned out other parts needed to be chaged as well, because after removing them from the car, it was impossible to put them back on. This could happen to you too, so be aware of this
  12. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    I don't know how well the UK reg-check system works, but I always rather use VIN # to also should work for etis better I think
  13. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Oh, that's a relief :) ... so in that case, it doesn't seem that risky, maybe I would throw my advice here from the previous post, if possible, start the car with cold engine, so you can hear if there is something which shouldn't be there...and then take it for a drive to see if it acts normally :)
  14. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Heh, sorry about scaring you, lol, I just wanted to point out - basically - looks can be deceiving. Btw, by saying you can "only have a look" means that you can't drive the thing around a little bit??? Well, I don't know what's custom with purchasing cars in UK, but I would demand to have a drive in the car, if I would be seriously interested in it - and especially when I have to drive somewhere to see it (and not let the dealership bring it to me to their nearest location). This alone would scare me a little bit, when I would have to switch my car (and some money with it) for a car that I didn't even drive before
  15. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    50k miles is enough to ruin the car - technically. The engine could be close to death (reving it while cold, not cooling down the turbo after drive, etc...), maybe shocks/suspension is can't tell that from the pics. And the ST in hands of unexperienced owner is a receipt for disaster. Just few days ago, on one local facebook group we were discussing one MK2,5 RS, with not so many more miles and looking quite allright from the first look (basically only in a need of detailing) and the prize was more that good, but when more people knowing the car's history joined the discussion, the ugly truth was revealed - the car was driven on a track a lot, not maintained properly after that, probably bumped into from behind, front bumper was basically glued on that thing...and so on... Another example is my friend, who exchanged his near-mint Mondeo Mk3 2,2TDCi for Focus Mk2,5 2,0TDCi with this one guy, who basically ripped him off. For example, he only showed him the Focus when the engine was warmed up, but when he started it after few days after cold night, knocking was heard all over the engine...and...long story short, new turbo, new engine (!!!), new suspension and exhaust system - that's just a handful of things that he ended up changing on the car...and from what I heard, it's still not 100%. I don't want to scare you, just saying to be careful and look for the little things that may indicate inproper behaviour...more importantly, if the seller is willing to trade the cars with you...he can then easily sell yours and have money from you and from your car as well...