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  1. Slugish Fiesta 1100 Nreg.

    Hi, this is my first thread so hi to all and I hope maybe someone can help. We have an N reg 1100 Fiesta and it has become slugish and last week was strugling to get past 50 MPH. Today we checked the exhast because when it was MOTed a couple of mounths ago the mOT guy said that it felt like the exhaust may have a blockage. We had all three parts off and all seemed clear and the cats did not seem to be melted. We checked the ignition and it is set before TDC and advances when the engine is reveved. The car also over revs when you stop at a juntion or after it is reved up. We have been looking for an air leak in the vacum lines because to me it is as though it is sucking in extra air from somewhere. We clamped the vac line from the t piece on the side of the carb to the purge tank and this seemed to improve the performace. There is an electrical valve in this line, could this be faulty? I hope some one has some ideas Micheal.