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  1. Battery warning light

    OK, let me know
  2. Hello, I have a problem with my Ford Mondeo 2002 2Litre TDDI, The alternator in the vehicle failed and a brand new one bought from the Dealer was fitted by an electrician. Although the new alternator is charging and the car is running sound, I have the battery warning light that comes on about 20 seconds after I start the engine. I also noticed that when this light is on, the front heated windscreen doesn’t light up and function. Almost 2 years ago, a new alternator was fitted in my car and I had same problem (I am a night time taxi driver therefore the alternator keeps failing due to electric surcharge). I took the car to the dealer and they found a fault in the wiring loom.....I was charged £245. Any suggestion what this wiring loom can be?? any help will be very appreciated
  3. Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir and top it up if it is low. In case the problem is cured then reappear few days later, check for any leaking of fluid near the gear box and brake pipes.