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  1. Hellow tomsfocus can you please tell me the size of two bolts/screws dpf hold on engine...see photo

    http://s796.photobucket.com/user/Toms306_photos/media/DPF Change/IMAG4246_zpsef7a8f00.jpg.html?sort=3&o=3

  2. Replacing Mk2.5 1.6 TDCI Titanium

    Looking at around £6500, maybe £7000 depending how much I can sell mine for. Say its worth £3k or so currently...when the carbon finally kills the turbo or the DMF fails it'll be worth £500 and I won't be able to afford anything similar then. I never understand how people run cars into the ground as they need constant maintenance to do that, I've had to spend over £500 on it in the last 6 months alone and that's only the start of things to come. There is also the 'emissions' issue I mentioned earlier, so this has to go, it's more the replacement car choice I'm after opinions on, not whether or not to keep my current one. I'm not looking at a brand new car or any repayments, just what I can afford to buy right now with cash and the sale of my current car. Depends what you call cheap I guess lol. There's only one Mk3 1.0 EcoBoost in budget locally, it's a rough high mile, 99ps, Zetec. I'd feel like that's a major downgrade for the money I'd have to spend. Can get a mk3 Titanium X estate with a 1.6TDCi for the same price. Yeah I'd be looking for 16s, maybe 17s. But definitely not the spindly 18s with rubber band tyres lol, not sure if they're part of the X pack or just an option but either way will avoid those! Cars aren't designed to last 15 years these days, I find 10 years/100k is where everything starts breaking, which ever comes soonest. The Focus is the first car I've owned for any length of time because it was fairly new and low mileage when I bought it... But now it's got to the point where it keeps needing money spent and I just don't trust it any more tbh. I've had 30+ cars so far and never regretted getting rid of any, I wouldn't want any of them back either.

    The DPF pressure sensor shouldn't cause a problem, it doesn't directly measure pressure, just the pressure difference between the top and bottom of the DPF core so it'll only throw a fault/start a regen if there's a blockage in the core. Depending on how you choose to map and which ECU you go with, it might be easiest to remove the MAF from the map with no bad effects. I know quite a few people that run MAFless maps on HDi's. The EGR is easy to map out, and physically blank at the same time. However the EGR is used to help heat up the exhaust during DPF regen. The fuelling is also adjusted and a few other things (intercooler bypassed, glow plugs used etc) so it may regen ok in the real world without the EGR but I can't say for sure. I agree it should be less sooty but only if it's mapped right. VNTs don't quite give boost from idle so you don't want too much fuel at the bottom end smoking pre-boost, and as the sensors go out of range at the top end and the VNT goes out of it's efficiency band, it will usually be sooty at high rpm as well. You don't want it to lean out too much either though, and melt the engine together after a week lol. As I say, it shouldn't be an issue for a mapper to set up right and you'll rarely be hitting that top end anyway due to the midrange torque. I'm not sure which injectors would be best, I think the head on the 8v DV6 is (was) a totally new design but hopefully someone else has a better input there! The 110 injectors were never great though, they were a good replacement for the Mk6 Fiesta but were a bit limiting on the Focus. Depends how much power you're after I guess though, as you say it's more about the driveability than outright power. FMIC should definitely help further, are you going to buy a 'proper' upgraded one or use a generic ebay kit? If using an ebay kit, definitely get a pipe beader...I had pipes popping off all over the place to start with!
  4. ...with a Mk3 1.6 TDCi Titanium. Would that be daft? The current Focus needs to go for a few reasons - some are 'emissions based' but also the remap is hard/expensive to insure for me and there are a few things on the way out now, it's noticeably getting tired compared to when I bought it despite spending several hundred on it a few months back and need to keep breakdown risk as low as possible with my own problems. It's still depreciating quite badly so want to sell it while it still has some value left, MOT is booked for January so hopefully it will pass then I'll be actively looking to change it around Feb. I've owned it nearly 3.5 years which is past the original plan anyway. I was hoping to go petrol this time, but EcoBoosts and TSis are still way of budget and I can't afford to run anything Focus sized with an 'old' petrol, due to the high tax and fuel costs. Needs to have a smooth ride as my 'internal' problems have got worse which rules out small cars - unless you can advise of any small cars with a smooth ride? The Mk7 Fiesta Titanium ride is awful unfortunately. I also don't want to lose certain spec, cruise control is a necessity, and heated screen, auto lights & wipers are all high on the list to keep after having them for years. So I keep coming back to diesels... And there are a few Mk3 1.6 TDCi Titaniums in my budget...I feel it'd be daft to swap one DV6 for another...but on the other hand I think the coated DPF should work better than the Eolys rubbish (I do a few short town runs and a few longer dual carriage/country runs each week), they don't have the turbo and injector issues that I'm constantly worried about now I've passed 75k and have most of the spec that I currently have, plus climate lol! So what do you reckon? Is there something of equivalent price/running costs/ride/spec that I'm forgetting? Are there any common issues to the mk3 I should try to avoid?
  5. Basic Cambelt Change Guide - Mk2.5 Focus 1.6 TDCi

    I didn't use any this time. But have done on previous water pumps. I wouldn't say it's necessary, but it's the sort of thing I'd add if it was to hand, but not worry about if I hadn't got any. I haven't used Hylomar blue so can't comment on that, used Loctite or Granville. As long as it can withstand water, antifreeze, temperature and pressure it should be fine. I think the idea of the tipex is to put a mark across the old belt and each sprocket, then count the teeth between the marks so you know the new belt has gone on perfectly. But I just make sure its tight around everything except the tensioner and haven't gone wrong doing that so far. As you say, everything is pinned on these engines so there's no need to mark across the sprocket and engine block.

    Looks like an interesting project! I've seen standalone Raspberry Pi used for VNT control on older cars so that might be a possibility, but not sure how well it would work on modern stuff. I wonder if the EDC16 of the 110 Focus would be useful? The engines are quite different, 16 valve, bigger but less efficient VNT turbo (GT1544) and the injectors are different as well, but the 16 is fairly easily mappable and already contains VNT control. Whatever you do, the mapping will be the hard part tbh. You've also gotta be careful to keep the soot levels down for the DPF unless you're planning on removing that - not really recommended these days though. I know it's not a Peugeot, but there are some VERY knowledgeable HDi guys over on 306oc.co.uk that I'm sure could advise you...turbo swaps are far more common over there than they are on here lol!
  7. Pollen filter

    Well that'll save me three hours next pollen filter change.
  8. Pollen filter

    They are a pain if you haven't done it before, but the glovebox doesn't need to come out... I made a youtube vid last time I did mine.
  9. GEARBOX reverse gear

    £126 for a replacement gearbox on a 6 year old car, sure that's right? I would make sure there's some sort of warranty on it if possible. Labour is likely to be around £250 at a garage. I'd usually recommend changing the clutch at the same time as a gearbox but in your case it's probably not necessary although worth checking given your driving style lol.
  10. Pollen filter

    The original is an activated carbon filter. https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_pollen_filter_2008_f_1354953_c_856.htm
  11. You Know You're Getting Old When...

    ...you're watching TOTP Xmas hits and some are only a couple of years old...yet the date tag says 10+ years ago... Also when the main thing you're looking forward to opening tomorrow is socks...
  12. Oil or diesel leak

    Still hard to say but I think that's oil rather than diesel. The diesel isn't under pressure at that point, so you'd get air sucked in and running issues if you had a leak around the hand pump there. I would suggest a boost leak somewhere around the manifold, boost pipe and metal EGR pipe. You can take the whole airbox off the top quite easily, that might give you a better look to see where its coming from.
  13. Disable automatic air con and recycle air?

    Lol, air con system seals! They dry out if you don't use it over winter... But I've never had any issues so far lol, never have used it in the cold on any car, wastes far too much fuel. Only a matter of time!
  14. Common rail connector

    Not sure I can offer any more advice on that then lol...good luck!
  15. Common rail connector

    Yeah, I realised that and edited the post above, not quickly enough though lol.