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  1. How Good Is The Focus 1.0l (125bhp) EcoBoost?

    How does fewer cylinders give more torque? My sister has a 3 cylinder C1, I've felt more torque on a lawn mower... But seriously, I thought torque was down to the length of the conrods. Longer con rod produces more torque, in the same way we'd use a long torque wrench for a hub nut and a short one for a sump plug. The 1.0 doesn't have a balance shaft to save weight, instead they intentionally unbalance the flywheel to counteract the engines imbalance, seems to work fairly well, they're smoother than my 4 pot diesel anyway!
  2. Fiesta ZS Thefts

    If you could sell all the parts yeah...but I've stripped quite a few cars (fully legally I should add lol!), it takes ages to sell parts, need a lot of storage space and newer cars tend to need fewer parts as well. Upgrade parts are easy to shift like a spoiler or side skirts, and I suppose there are a few minor bumps in them which require bumpers, but I just can't see a demand for most parts from fairly new cars. Los Santos Customs doesn't work in real life... They'd still have the same number plates so be picked up by ANPR or HPI once they've been reported stolen. Why would they want Fiesta's over there? The low profile tyres and low stance are bad enough with UK potholes and speed bumps, they'd be useless there lol! I know big 4WD cars are stolen to be shipped over to Africa but Fiestas?
  3. Valve Cover leak

    Do you mean the small plastic head cover or the metal cam cover? If it's the plastic one, just need a new gasket for a few quid and it's a few bolts iirc. If it's the metal one, everything on top needs to come out to remove it, injectors, fuel pipes, inlet manifold (which will be full of oil/EGR sludge) etc. Then clean up the surfaces and use some liquid instant gasket to reseal it. There is no physical gasket there as far I know. Not worth the hassle to stop a minor oil leak imo.
  4. Rain Sensor Calibration

    Pilkington is the OE manufacturer I think, my Focus screen was identical through autoglass even including the heat reflective layer, identical IR markings and identical hatchings around the mirror as well. I did have a new screen on a previous car which was different, can't remember the brand name now but it was obviously inferior...the hatchings weren't as good and the rear view mirror mount fell off the first time I tried to adjust it! The windscreen tech managed to break my rain sensor when fitting the screen on the Focus. Also fitted the gel pad upside down. New gel pad was fitted but no change. They replaced the sensor with a genuine Ford one (no cost to me) which cured the issue.
  5. Brake pads will be checked during a service, if found to be low they will advise you that they need changing, at futher cost to yourself. Same with tyres. The 1.0 Ecoboost uses a cambelt that runs in oil which should last a while, can't remember the exact interval but I think it's 125k/12 years so nothing to worry about for a while! Again it's more of an extra rather than something included a major service. I don't think a minor service includes spark plugs but otherwise I agree with Martin.
  6. I hope that's not wheels straight ahead... Could you have refilled the coolant before putting the whole dash back? Just in case there are any leaks.
  7. Focus 1.6tdci engine help

    Well if it had enough oil to run away it doesn't sound like the usual oil feed pipe blockage in your case. Though maybe the drain pipe blocked and forced the oil through the turbo oil seal instead. Was there any investigation into it at all? It's not that uncommon for oil seals to fail on any turbo so you may have just been unlucky with it. I've had 2 fail on previous cars but luckily it was exhaust side so got plumes of smoke but it couldn't run away.
  8. Cleaning the EGR next week - any tips?

    I've got a 200pc Halfords kit these days, so it comes with ratchet spanners, small shallow or deep 1/4" sockets and bendy universal joints etc. Can't remember which combination I would've used there unfortunately, I do remember it was all by feel though due to lack of visuals. Which size kit was it that you have?
  9. Ford focus 1.6tdci dpf

    On a 10 plate it will have the coated DPF. The older additive DPF was recommended changed at 75k, the cDPF should pass 100k with ease, but only if it gets the chance to regen regularly. At just 29k in 8 years you might find the one you're looking at has already had the DPF removed...
  10. Cleaning the EGR next week - any tips?

    Yeah that's right.
  11. Focus 1.6tdci engine help

    I do... But photobucket ruined it! As usual it's full of my waffle but you get the idea! The odd whine is probably the alternator if it's a high pitched whine over the turbo whine at idle? Try it with the aux belt off and see, mine does it as well if it's that. I'm starting to worry about my clutch/DMF now, that roughness I was getting seems to be getting worse, the speed related one has been reduced by new tyres, but the engine related one is more noticeable now and the roughness at idle doesn't show any signs of improvement. Can only be the gearbox or DMF which is worrying. Realistically, either a turbo, DPF or DMF failure would write off one of these if paying garage prices now. The market has really dropped out for them, I thought it was due to the 'diesel is killing everyone' headlines but other diesels seem to be holding value ok, including the VAG stuff that the original headlines were about...
  12. Non starter

    I'd try charging the actual car battery, it's bound to be low after 2 weeks and could be causing your issue.
  13. The good thing about modern car looms is that the plugs only fit one thing. Admittedly there's less electrics on classic cars but all the connectors are the same lol!
  14. Focus 1.6tdci engine help

    I think the oil pump may stop you sliding the sump across without dropping the exhaust unfortunately. It's not too hard though, as usual Haynes over complicates it lol! Says you need to remove grill and radiator etc...I didn't bother. I made a DPF change guide on here a couple of years ago if you want to see it. Basically just removed the fan cowling, airbox and heatshields then it was just a v band clamp around the turbo end and two nuts at the other end. May need more access on the fiesta but I'm not sure. As for the plastic filter housing, the crack was very obvious to see on the inside when changing the filter, couldn't really see it from outside though, I guess it had been over tightened previously. Caused a fine oil mist on the pipes etc below the filter. Oil on boost pipes may come from splits or loose jubilee clips on the pipes themselves but it's worth checking the filter casing next oil change. The standard Focus cat-back exhaust does seem to made pretty well, it's one thing that still looks surprisingly good on mine too.
  15. Mk6 Fiesta Rattle in Neutral - New Clutch!

    Could you try just putting some weight on the pedal, rather than fully depressing it? If it's the gearbox it'll make the noise until the clutch is fully disengaged. If it's the thrust bearing, as you suggest, it should stop as soon as the bearing touches the clutch but without disengaging the clutch....if that makes sense! I would also agree the gearbox should need a top up after the driveshaft has been out, but they are right in that there isn't a drain plug for the box.