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  1. Rain Sensor Calibration

    No Calibration, sounds like the sensor has been refitted with the same gelpad. Ideally a new gelpad is required when refitting sensor. And obviously a clean screen also before fitting it
  2. The World's best Fiesta...........?

    never saw that post last month. just had a read, quite interesting the history of the car.
  3. most plugs only fit one thing. not all as ive found out a few times. especially anoying then the wiring stretches to fit the wrong sensor or actuator!!
  4. try doing a complete wiring loom on a older shape ford galaxy. virtually one complete loom for the whole car!!! it was a bare shell inside and doors , lights, even the same loom did most of the engine also, try remembering that. lol
  5. no idea on the 19" wheel and tow bars. only thing i can help is the sensors, you have the rubber type sensors. ive probably got 4 kicking around . have pm you.
  6. i looked on ebay. im sure there all the same regardless of the current model range. i can check monday for you to make sure they are. have your existing wheels got rubber tyre valves or metal?
  7. Help on Auto dimming mirror Mk 2.5 ?

    couldnt agree more about the search function. i would post up your question in the focus section. some members just look on there own model of car sections. then soneone should see and help.
  8. Registration date

    registering wont speed its build and delivery schedule. who is the dealer?
  9. Newbie on here

    hi and welcome.
  10. Tailgate malfunction

    your dealer will fix it for you
  11. Tailgate malfunction

    you need the striker wings adjusting and a module update/initialisation
  12. 1.8 never had a pdf or dpf filter.
  13. Tailgate malfunction

    you need to check the cargo hooks are facing forwards fully as they can catch the tailgate
  14. you see a little indentation on both images of the black plastic/rubber cover. force a small flat bladed screwdriver in and you can lever the mechanism to release