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  1. I would just sand down lightly and paint, but not too much paint as that will affect the sensor.
  2. Have you got the locking tools to do the job?
  3. need a code reader plugged in to see if there are are any dtc's showing to indicate where the fault could be. as for fuel filter there isnt one as such, only a filter inside the tank which is part of the fuel pump.
  4. ha ha , unlucky. you had to serve me on sunday evening. lol. nice name badge.
  5. someone else on here just posted the same issue and his fix was disconnecting battery for a while and it worked after, worth trying first.
  6. You should be able to hear the prompts with radio volume down , the nav volume can be adjusted separately to radio volume.
  7. good move, the edge does seem to have quite a few issues that ford are struggling to remedy.
  8. may be colourless and odourless but you get one hell of a headache first normally, suppose it was that quick and intense fumes they didnt get that effect to warn them was quite common to get effects from carbon monoxide in the motortrade in the days before cats. i daily had headaches due to some idiots revving cars in workshop with doors shut
  9. what problems have you got?
  10. under no cicumstances should you drive it with a coolant leak, as said allready either tow it to garage or ask garage if you can fit it yourself, ( take old one off first and take to dealer to swap for the new ond if they are happy for you to do it)
  11. also when it is switched on, you can switch the rain sensing wiper function also using diagnostic equipment. the problem you could have is the switching of these functions. im not sure the software that i used on mine( foccuss software and elm 327 cable) works on your age of focus
  12. you need the switch, rain sensor and retaining clip( it does activate the lights) and if the wiring isnt there to plug in the rain sensor, a wiring harness from sensor to bcm module. then it will need switching on using diagnostic equipment . ford garage probably wont do it. i did mine .
  13. does sound like whoever did replace the water pump didnt set the timing belt up correctly , therefore the piston and valves have touched . its essential to use the correct tools . its head off and inspect the damage.
  14. ha ha, that used to be me also. i worked there. lol