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  1. its an electronic fault in the module im told rather than a stressed motor as such, the ones ive done have all been 16in wheels. if it happens to my car i will be trying a reconditioned rack/module. theres a company up north from what i remember that sell them on ebay.
  2. yep, that looks like the one.
  3. i cant agree more! the joys of a diesel.
  4. he has got earlier focus with sync 1.1 so v5/v6 is required.
  5. Could be corroded anywhere from the connector to sensor to the multi plug. Quite often it's at a random point in harness. You can figure it out quite easily with a multimeter. Best way is disconect harness from sensor and multi plug end . Then unclip from bumper area. Then you can test on a workbench or kitchen table in the warm and repair as necessary.
  6. It will be the steering gear and module unfortunately. Fairly common
  7. What screen do you have? Sync or sync2. If the older sync then it's V and not f you need. V6 i think is latest .
  8. Like I said, wiring harness corroded .
  9. Nope
  10. You can use both.
  11. £9.35 with owners club card as well.
  12. My focus didn't have the extra electric coolant pump as standard, and I used to loose a small amount of coolant over time due to overheating turbo . Since fitting an electric pump I have had no coolant loss whatsoever. It certainly does its job after ign off.
  13. Week 2 at work and still nothing to do. Going to get too used to this and will be a shock when I actually get work given.
  14. welcome to the forum, as for the easy fuel, i would leave it for the ford garage to fix, esp if its under warranty. if you try to remove and fix there could be a possibility of bit of it going into tank. to remove properly involves breaking it anyway
  15. Err , i know a mate many years ago who took one off an old army ambulance and used it in a picnic area carpark at top of isolated hill at night where couples went to be romantic(use you imagination). was funny seeing there faces through the misted up windows apparently