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  1. xenons, cruise & usb

  2. xenons, cruise & usb

    hi was just wondering, i used to be the workshop controller for Vauxhall in my area, now out of the pressures of the motor trade, i swapped my corsa for a fiesta, now i know you don't get cruise control on the zetec but was wondering if it could be done as i have fitted a number of cruise control kits on astras as all you had to get was the indicator stalk & tell the car it had cruise fitted as it fly by wire throttle & i thought the priciples would be the same, i also have some xenon lights & they should fit but i had a kit that flickered due to CANBUS wiring & voltage issues, do you think they would fit? USB interests me too & i thought it couldn't be that difficult just a couple of new leads & any programming etc, i know vauxhall technical said none of the mods on the astra could be done but they were proved wrong. any thoughts?
  3. are they having a laugh?????????

    I just would have expected premium quality tyres on a premium priced car,might write to ford about it as they are quite noisy at speed
  4. just picked up my new fiesta today , lovely car and was just going round it with a salesman, are they having a laugh, the car is fitted with hankook tyres, surely a premium brand of tyre wouldn't be too much to ask for, there were other cars there with style spec & even they had michelin or continental fitted, i feel robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Newbie with issues

    nope just said it was fords fault, they weren't interested, just let me cancel without offering any alternatives
  6. Newbie with issues

    Hi all, just thought i would say hello, i have a few issues with my new Fiesta i ordered, i placed an order with Hartwell For Scunthorpe and was told delivery would be 30th April so i thought yippee, they rang yesterday to say delivery had been put back to 15th May which i thought no big deal, however they rang today to say delivery would be around 31st july argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are they taking the mick or what?, i ordered a 1.2 zetec in vision blue with bluetooth for £10150, they suggested i cancelled me order if i would not accept they new delivery date. So i cancelled and got my deposit back & promptly rang Evans Halshaw Lincoln who said i could have a silver 1.4 zetec with bluetooth for £10400, which i have ordered and guess what i pick it up on Monday the 4th of May, so i couldn't be happier, i know it's not the colour i ordered but at least i can have i new car a LOT earlier, have any of you guys been messed about?