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  1. Scrapping/Grinding noise when driving

    Haha fact, Fiat engine in those Insignias sure Yeah I'm at a loss also. Seriously doubting it's the DMF, possibly clutch related although there is no slippage or issues getting into gear. Other than that I would expect some sort of a belt but really does sound like metal on metal. Sounds absolutely horrible the first few minutes and then completely goes away.
  2. Scrapping/Grinding noise when driving

    Glad to hear someone agreeing with my skepticism, cheers Damian. Yeah agreed, think I will have to get a second opinion. I was looking up videos on youtube to see if I could find one similar to the sound I'm hearing. The one I came across below sounds almost identical to the noise I'm describing from 8seconds on (that rusty metal sound). The only difference is mine doesn't really seem to do it on idle and is a bit louder.
  3. Scrapping/Grinding noise when driving

    I left the car with a garage to try identify the noise and they have suggested they believe it is the clutch or flywheel. A bit surprised with this as I would have thought if it was the flywheel it would be felt through the clutch pedal and more noticeable at idle than driving?
  4. Hi all, Have an issue with my father in law's diesel mk2 Focus. When driving the car makes this horrible scrapping/ grinding noise which seems to be coming from around the Left Hand front wheel area or low down to the front of the engine bay, hard to distinguish which. The car only makes this noise when cold. Once the engine is warmed up strangely enough it gradually disappears. It only happens when driving and starts to develop above 1500rpm. I do not believe it to be the dual mass flywheel as I know what these sound like and also this does not occur when idle, nor is there any vibration through the clutch pedal. The noise itself is kind of hard to describe, it sounds like a shovel being moved along gravel or something to that effect. The car started to make this noise occasionally about 2 months ago but it is becoming consistently louder and more pronounced. I have trouble getting a garage to diagnose it as by the time I get it into them the engine is warmed up and the noise is gone. Any advice would be appreciated as I'm at a loss as to what is the cause.
  5. Focus Aux Input Retrofit

    I have the aux plate and aux lead ordered so looking forward to installing it now. Should be a worthwhile and relatively easy mod (with Stoney's guide). Thanks for the advice lads appreciate it.
  6. Focus 1.4 mk2

    The 1.4 petrol Focus doesn't have an EGR valve fitted so that's definitely not the issue. Also the petrol does not have a fuel filter, only the diesels. You say you have changed the spark plugs and coil pack but not the leads. I would definitely recommend changing the leads, if the set is starting to go bad it can make a surprisingly big difference to the performance of the car. Also they are cheap to replace so that would be my first port of call. When removing the leads look down and see is there any water/coolant in between the spark plugs. This is a well known issue with the 1.4 Focus which will cause a big drop in performance and or hesitation also. I have suffered this problem along with many others on the forum.
  7. Focus Aux Input Retrofit

    Just had a look at your guide Stoney...it's exactly what I was looking for. I foolishly didn't realise there was a seperate input for the aux cable on the back of that plate so was thinking it was somehow powered by the usb as well so of no use to me. Am I right in thinking the aux port will still work even if I don't connect it to the 12v power supply? Many thanks for you help, very informative guide!
  8. Focus Aux Input Retrofit

    Hi all, As the title suggests I'm looking at retrofitting an aux input on my Focus so I can play songs off my phone etc. I have the standard oval shape CD 6000 fitted in my 2008 mk2 Focus. I'm wondering who has successfully done this mod and what way they installed it? I know there is a part from Ford to fit an aux input into the glovebox but I would prefer installing it somewhere closer to the radio to keep it neat. I have come across a part online that seems to replace those vacant buttons beside the windscreen demister but it seems to state it won't work on the CD 6000, ideally this is exactly what I initially hoped to install https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Car-Panel-USB-Audio-Slot-Interface-With-Mini-USB-Adapter-Cable-for-Ford-Classic-Focus/32535473451.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000014.7.4b24ae2bSIPM1P&traffic_analysisId=recommend_3035_null_null_null&scm=1007.13338.81646.000000000000000&pvid=f7afa546-457c-4c62-9242-94f6ba14e220&tpp=1 Can anyone advise would this possibly work or what would be the best alternative? Many thanks Dave
  9. MAF or MAP Sensor

    I'm currently trying to diagnose an issue I'm having with a 2008 1.6 Petrol Focus having uneven power delivery and strange idle. I have gotten a new set of ignition leads and I will swap a coil pack from another Focus to see if that solves the problem. If it doesn't my next thing to test is the MAF sensor. However reading up on the net it seems to be a bit conflicting...some saying that engine doesn't have a MAF sensor but a MAP sensor and others saying it does. Which is it the 1.6 petrol has? And can a MAP be plugged out and driven to test like a MAF sensor can? Thanks
  10. Focus 1.6 Petrol Power Loss

    Hi Dagger thanks for the reply. No the spark plug leads haven't been changed. They are numbered so I assume they are still the ones from factory. I did take the plugs off to inspect them but could not find any visible issues with them as it cuts or cracks. Could it be possible they are still worn internally though? Does the 1.6 petrol have an egr valve?I always assumed it didn't as I know the 1.4 petrol doesn't.
  11. Focus 1.6 Petrol Power Loss

  12. Steering wheel vibrations

    +1 For wheel balancing. To be honest it could be a number of things but getting the wheels balanced would be the cheapest and easiest diangosis to try first. Most places charge roughly a fiver per wheel to be balanced. The symptoms do sound very like a balancing issue so that might be all it is.
  13. Mk2.5 vibrating on idle

    DMF (Dual Mass Flywheel) sounds very likely to be the problem. There's a few things you can do to check. Firstly is there a rattling sound like a tin can coming from the engine along with the vibration? Does it seem worse when the engine is cold and improves a bit when it's warmed up? Is there a vibration through the clutch pedal that goes away when the clutch is engaged? And if you are driving in 1st gear and let you foot off the accelerator does the car jerk?
  14. Focus 1.6 Petrol Power Loss

    Hi all Apologies if this has been covered in another part of the forum but most of the threads on power loss seem to be related to the diesel engines rather than petrol. The car in question is a 1.6 petrol 100bhp 2008 Focus. The car has roughly 73k miles on it. The issue I'm having is the car seems to to lack power randomly. If i accelerate hard sometimes it has plenty of poke and leaps forward but other times it seems to take particulary long to build speed, almost as if I was driving a 1.2 or something. The issue seems to be more related to low rpms and when it's roughly about 3000 or 4000rpm it drives well. I drove another 1.6 Focus at the weekend and it felt considerably faster. I notice if I accelerate hard whether the power kicks in fully or not it definitely feels like there is a flat spot in the middle of the power delivery. When the engine is cold it seems to drive slightly better from low revs but starts lacking more power intermittently when fully warmed up. There is no engine lights on in the dash and the car does not misfire, just power seems to be good then almost halved. Spark plugs and air filter were replaced 2000 miles ago. Not sure if it is linked to the problem or not but I notice when the engine is idle there is a slight vibration but goes as soon as it's revved. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Battery or starter motor

    I know there is a lot of information on this on the net but most of it seems to be very conflicting. I was of the opinion that if the dash lights dim when trying to start it's a battery issue, if they don't it's the starter motor? Clicking noise is also usually battery? Also if the car can be jumped, again it's a battery not a starter motor? The fathers car is flat at the moment and have a bet on with him on this subject Also thought it would be good to know for future reference. Thanks