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  1. I've got. 2002 ford fiesta 65,000 genuine miles endure e engine , the problem is I think the engine is choking itself when it gets hot , car runs perfect when cold but when it gets hot it loses power and start tapering like theres no oil feed etc , I know this used to happen on older fords ( black death ) I had it n an old mk 4 escort once I took the drain plug out of sump knocked a whole In sump strainer and car was right again , any body ave any ideas if this could be the same thing ? I've checked breather pipes at front of engine and all seem clear , yet I take rocker cap of and it's breathing straight away through it so there must be a blockage somewhere ? Any ideas ? Done a diagnostic but no fault codes show up
  2. Ford Ka CD Key code

    similar problem with my sons ka his radio serial number is V022714 ANYONE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS ONE ?
  3. got a 2000 w ford ka i bought the car with faulty steering thinking it would be the rack or most probably the knuckle i have wd40 the knuckle and it has got better but it is still a bit still is there an easy fix on this as it looks like the knuckle is part of the steering column and does not split even though i have been told it does split if you removed the white cap ? any ideas or shall i just grease it up and see how it goes ?