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  1. Mk7 Bonnet Issues

    Hi, had the same problem with mine. Disconnected both electrical connectors on the bonnet catch, sprayed liberally with wd-40 and replaced. Cured the problem in 10 minutes.
  2. Submarine Lights On Zs

    Its not as bad as it sounds, most of the cable run can be done without rmoving the headlining. One good (and free) piece of kit is a straightened wire coat hanger which enables you to feed the wire from the rear to the front, just remember to secure the cable to the coat hanger well. I,m near Jcn 25 of the M25 if you get really stuck.
  3. Submarine Lights On Zs

    Hi all, was bought one of these as a prezzie for my ZS. There was no wiring for the ambient lighting that we could find so the easiest way around it that we could find was as follows : 1- Remove near side rear light cluster 2- Locate the switched positive ( the one that becomes live when you turn your lights on) 3- Run a length ou cable from the hole where the light fits, through the headlining to the rear light 4- Join at both ends (making sure to seal the end at the light unit to prevent moisture/shorting out) 5- Fit light unit making sure the metal fixture stays in place to clip into Should now work when you turn your lights on. Sounds like a lot of work but if you are reasonably competant, should take no longer than half an hour or so.
  4. How Many Miles Has Your Fiesta Done ?

    Too many! Got my car at the end of april 2009, just hit 32000 :blink:
  5. Tyre And Brake Wear

    Hi All, I have 17's on my ZS Tdci and managed to get 21000 out of the fronts (mainly motorway) . Had trouble sourcing replacement Bridgestones so went for Yokohama's which seem to be wearing well in the first 8000 miles, also half the price!
  6. Is A Spare Tyre Really Necessary?

    Chose the option of the spare wheel mainly because I do shiftwork and nothing worse than being stranded at stupid o'clock waiting over an hour for recovery and then being late for work. Carry a spare, you are up and running in 15 minutes. As KeithC says, changing a wheel should be part of the driving test.
  7. 12,000 Miles And 3 New Tyres!

    I've got Bridgestone Potenza's on my ZS, now need replacing @21k. There are no V rated extra load tyres available at the moment in the UK. I have tried to get W rated but these are proving just as difficult to get. Have settled on Yokohama Prada 2's fully fitted for £77 each, don;t think they will do 20k though.
  8. Have had one of these fitted. On my Zetec S (with ETAC) there was no wiring for the ambient lighting. Got a tame sparky at work who fed switched power from the rear side lights via the head lining so ambient lighting works when you turn the lights on. Took about 30 minutes to do, hope this helps.
  9. Stolen

    They may be giving Essex a rest, the toe-rags have crossed the border to Herts. Had an attempted break-in at 4am tuesday, heard them trying to force our front door but they gave it legs when i jump out of bed and turned all the house lights on. Next door lost their 206cc. Luckily we dont leave keys lying around. Now having Tracker fitted to both the ZS and the Focus CC.
  10. New car millages....

    15,800 since May 09
  11. Mk 7 - USB Data Stick

    Hi Paul, I use USB memory sticks and mp3's, have tried all varios cominations (2,4+8GB) and various bitrates. Found the best combiation for sound quality is to rip at 320kbps and use a 8GB usb stick. TRhis will allow 35-40 albums to be held on file and give you cd quality playback. Cant comment on voice control as i haven't tried it yet but the shuffle feature works well ie: folder(album) or all. When i copy to USB all I do is drag and drop from music on my desktop to the open folder for the USB stick. Hope this helps :rolleyes:
  12. on the road last week of may, now got 7300 and rising too fast!!
  13. Best wax???

    A good place for help and advice www.detailingworld.co.uk Lots of help for all
  14. Zetec S footwell lighting

    If this helps, this is what the bulb holder looks like minus bulb. Its located behind the inboard (right hand side) hinge of the glovebox. http://i666.photobucket.com/albums/vv22/ta...os/DSC01708.jpg