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  1. Hi I am searching for a back bumper for my Sierra XR 4x4 J Reg (1992). Does anyone have one for sale or know anyone who does? Assistance appreciated!
  2. Monroe Ride Levellers

    I have Monroe Ride Levellers fitted on the rear of my H Reg 4x4 and the rubber inflation sacks have given up ...... I do a lot of towing and they have been invaluable! Obviously there's a bit of adaptation to be done for fitting but they are great! Anyone out there - have you got any? The old number was LA473 but they have been discontinued. Does anyone else have the same set up - air inflated shocks? Thanks SierraQ
  3. looking for a fuel pressure regulator for my J rg1992 2.9 4x4 - does anyone have one for sale or perhaps knows where I can find one? Been through the breakers specialising on fords/ebay. Any assistance would be great. Thanks