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  1. mondeo tddi zetec 2ltr 115 bhp

    I would be interested. Let me know.
  2. mondeo tddi zetec 2ltr 115 bhp

    As a new member i was interested to hear of the cutting out problem. i have now spent £2,000 on pumps, Crank case sensors, and diagnostics and i still have the original problem. The vehicle (52plate 20ltr tddi) will run like a dream and then without warning will cut out ( with the glow plug light flashing) even at 60mph you can not bump start it, but if you pull to the side of the road it will then start on the key. It may then run for 50 yds or 5 miles but will repeat the process. Every time this happens the same codes appear. P1665 Injection Pump Control Module Communication. P1608 Internal ECM Malfunction. P0335 Crank Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction. P1631 Main Relay Malfunction (Power Hold). My local Ford dealer is stumped and i am exhausting both my wallet and my options. Can anyone help please? PS Have replaced Crank sensor (new from Ford) Fully reconned pump also from Ford