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  1. hi enyoneknow where i can get a piston for my daughters streetka 1.6 duratek,single cam zetek . Fords wont sell me one just a hole bottom end £800. Just need one piston. Had a bump must have sucked somthing in the inlet and ruined 1 piston. jackos@jackos.wanadoo.co.uk ivan
  2. hi Does anyone know how to make the drivers side roof clamp,handle,catch,pull the roof down tighter on to the top of the screen. It looks as though ,lookin from front of car as if the roof is sticking up slightly on the drivers side. Dont know if it leaks when driving it yet,only just got the car
  3. hi just brought my daughter a 54 reg streetka. It has suposed to have done a genuine 27k. The seats and stuff seem to indicate this,but the engine smokes when started cold and a little bit when warm. I have had a compression test and all silinders are spot on,but it has been standing for a while,so they say. I have been told it may be the rubber valve seals? Any one had this before or any ideas many thanks