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  1. New Fiesta's computer

    Hi Mine is a Samsung Pixon. I get the phonebook, but no names, just numbers???
  2. are they having a laugh?????????

    I picked my Zetec 1.25 up last Wednesday and I have Hankook, must admit I said to my husband I'd never heard of them. But I suppose its not a performance car so it doesn't really matter.
  3. New Fiesta's computer

    My phonebook has appeared fine, but shows everyones phone numbers, but no names.
  4. New Fiesta's computer

    I have the same phone as you aswell. My phonebook works, but just shows the numbers, no names. Does yours work?
  5. Bluetooth USB Option

    I've got all the bluetooth part and voice rec and the line in socket for the ipod. Just need the USB socket.
  6. Bluetooth USB Option

    I have the MP3 connector in my Fiesta 09, but not USB. Does anyone know if this can be fitted after, even by a Auto Electricians or a Ford Dealership?
  7. New Fiesta's computer

    I am having problems with the phonebook, it is showing all the phone numbers, but no names. It did show the names briefly, now it doesn't. Any ideas?