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  1. Leaking AC expansion valve

    Hi all, So my AC has been blowing warm and i noticed the compressor clutch never kicks off. I have an AC sniffer and did some searching around the engine bay for a leak and I noticed it lights up like an xmas tree when i press it against the foam at the AC expansion valve (on the firewall going into the cabin). 2009 Fiesta, 1.25 So i guess that's leaking... Anyone know if that can be replaced from the engine bay side, or if the entire dash needs to come out etc to replace it?
  2. Fiesta wouldn't start... battery?

    You can also check the age of the battery by checking the date stamp on the battery itself. Chances are if it's the original (which it looks to be from the photo) and over 5+ years old it's likely knackered. If I were you I'd get a new battery fitted and if issues continue, go from there - but start with the easier/cheaper fixes first.
  3. Air con leak - 09 Fiesta

    Thanks all for your replies. Where abouts is that pipe located? Under the car?
  4. Air con leak - 09 Fiesta

    Hi all, My poor Fiesta has an air con leak - confirmed by a pressure test. Two garages have been unable to locate the source of the leak using a number of methods, UV dye, soap/bubbles etc. They have even removed the condenser to have a more thorough look through it, but no joy. As such I've come to suspect it may be an evaporator leak. I purchased the Haynes manual for the car and in order to get to the Evaporator under the dash seems to be a HUGE task - pretty much removing the entire dash. I've purchased myself a R134a sniffer tool from Amazon and my plan is to see if any leak is evident down one of the air vents. Does anybody have any advice for this? Or knows a way to check the evap without removing the entire dash? Car is a 2009 Fiesta. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, Every morning when i start my car I get a warning beep and message saying "Alarm triggered, check vehicle". I've ensured all of my doors/windows are properly closed and even put some oil on all the hatches, including the bonnet. But it continues to happen. From doing some research online it seems the bonnet latch is the main offender for this issue. I tried to find a replacement bonnet latch on ebay but my search wasn't finding anything, would anyone know where I can source a replacement and how difficult a job it is to swap out? From looking at the latch theirs a few connections there, one for the airbag and one for the alarm I guess. Fiesta 2009 Titanium is my car. Thanks!
  6. Upgrading To Mk7/8 Fiesta

    Hi all, I currently have a MK6 Fiesta, great little car. However I want to upgrade to a newer MK7 or MK8 (the face lift one) Fiesta as I fancy an upgrade and I want some extra features, such as air-con and the heated windscreen (which here in ireland will be a god-send). The issue I have is that over here in Ireland the MK8 is only available in the 60/65PS variant and doesn't include the awesome 100PS Ecoboost. My current car is 75PS so "upgrading" to a slower car worry's me. Does anyone have any experience with the 60/65 PS engines? I'm not a fast driver by any means, but I wouldn't want a car that's more sluggish than my current. An alternative I have is to go with a MK7 as that model has a 82PS, however I won't get be getting all the new stuff improved with the latest model, like the cooler looking interior and color screen etc. My budget would be around £8k. Would you recommend I go with a 82PS MK7 or a ~60PS facelift MK7? Much appreciated
  7. 06 Fiesta - Leaking Behind Wiper Arm (pics)

    Thanks for your replies, seems to be a terrible design by ford, it's literally a bowl for water, not sure what they expected when they designed it. I've brought some 32mm rubber grommets from ebay and i'll fit thosem perhaps with some silicone sealant to be extra sure
  8. Hi all, I've noticed a pool of water sitting at the top of my drivers side strut housing after it rains, see below: To find out where the leak is I poured some water down my windscreen and it comes in on the right hand wiper blade arm: The water then continues it journey back behind the engine and as you can see from the last pic that piece of metal is starting to rust. What would you recommend in order to fix this? Car is a 2006 Fiesta. I'm aware of the leaking wiper jets on this model but this has been fixed already. Thanks!
  9. Frost Plugs

    Thanks for the info - so the washer jets leak? Is there a fix for that? Much appreciated!
  10. Frost Plugs

    Hi all, I recently had the timing belt and waterpump changed on my car. However the mechanic noted that the frost plugs/core plugs (they seem to go by loads of different names) looked quite corroded. His notes said the "frost plugs on top of the head, beside the spark plugs" They weren't able to change them there and then as they didn't have the parts. Is getting these changed a big job, or expensive? Car is a 2006 Fiesta 1.25 Thanks!
  11. Power Steering Fluid - 06 Fiesta

    Awesome thanks for the peace of mind!
  12. Hi all, I have a 2006 Fiesta and I'm having new power steering fluid put in. I went to the local ford dealership and the fluid they gave me is "COMMA Automatic Transmission Fluid AQ3". In my owners manual the exact specification needed is WSS-M2C195-A Seeing as this come from a authorized Ford parts store the ATF fluid I got is correct? Thanks
  13. Fiesta Mk5 Tyres

    Hi guys, I have a 2006 Fiesta and I noticed today that my tyres are "XL" (Extra Load) - specifically they're the model Wanli S1063. I just wanted to see if having XL tyres is ok considering the car only has me and occasionally 1 other passenger. I have them inflated to the guide listed in the door frame but due to them being XL do they need to be higher PSI? Also, I live in ireland and these tyres appear to be for summer. Are these ok to use all year round? Thanks for your help!
  14. Boot Release Issues

    Hi guys, I have a Fiesta 2006 - and recently I've noticed that when I unlock the boot (either with the key or button on the dash) that the boot unlocks for about 1 second then immediately locks again. This makes the boot release button on the dash completely pointless. Without superhuman speed you can't make it to the boot to open it before it locks again. You can hear the lock click open, then lock itself. Would any of you have seen this issue before and know how to fix? Thanks!
  15. 06 Fiesta - 3Rd Gear Issue

    Hey guys, I have a 06 Fiesta and I'm having a slight issue with the gearbox. Getting the car into 3rd gear is a pain as I have to move the stick slightly to the right to get it into 3rd. If the gear stick is in neutral and you move it straight up it will just stop. I find it pretty annoying and I really want it fixed. From your experience does this sound like an expensive issue to be looked into? And is this something that you've seen before? Be great to hear your thoughts. Thanks!