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  1. Pollon Filter Change

    just changed mine mate and i didnt take the plug out.granted its a bit trickier but i did it .thats if you dont get the radio code anyway
  2. 3D Number Plates

    They have to have maker and makers postcode and the bs number for them to be legal mate. Some make it small and some use is as a way of advertising
  3. 3D Number Plates

    No mate they will come ready made to put on never got pulled but got knocked once on mot but I had carbon and they said letters had to be black so you should be Ok
  4. 3D Number Plates

    As for sticking them on go on ebay and search automotive double sided tape very strong stuff and about 10 mtrs for about 4 quid and trust me it don't come off
  5. 3D Number Plates

    On demon plate mate click on domed black that's what you want but not cheap about 50 quid a set
  6. Members Mug Shots....

    my 2 mugshots
  7. Stone Chips

    touch up pen mate but use a cocktail stick and not the brush you get with it .brush is normally too big an puts too much paint on cocktail stick much easier ;)
  8. 3D Number Plates

    http://www.demonplates.com/ i had plates from dmb and they are spot on carbon gel and highline letters .just watch out for some muppets at mot stations with carbon cos they are not black some jobs worths seem to fail cars
  9. Anybody Fitted One Of These

    200 is cheap for that type of kit mate i paid 250 for an alpine media unit that just had radio and ipod and thats it and it was crap ! sold it to my dad :)
  10. Anybody Fitted One Of These

    looks smart that mate will have to see what my mrs buys me for my birthday keep dropping hints lol
  11. Protecting The Car?

    this is a good guide for stone chips mate along the same lines for that scratch you are trying to sort out but you need a m/c polisher http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=20127&highlight=stone+chips
  12. Anybody Fitted One Of These

    hi mate you got any pics please cheers jon
  13. Car Polisher? Do I Buy One?

    i got a silverline one off ebay about 4 years ago and its still going .the pads you get with it are !Removed! but the polisher is brill cost me about 45 quid its a rotary though just go on youtube plenty of vids or detailing world and like somebody said get an old panel to try it on
  14. Protecting The Car?

    james have you sorted this yet ? i have had similar problems in the past .i use a polish called menzerna .there are different ones but they take out sanding marks but i do have a machine polisher .not sure if it would take it out by hand but i could also send you some for free if you get stuck .let me know jon
  15. Holy S**t That's A Lot Of Scratches

    how deep are the sctraches mate ? i.e can you get your finger nail in them or are they just surface scratches ? jon