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  1. neons

    orite thankss peoplee
  2. air filter

    thanks for the links mate and it is a petrol engine...
  3. Locked out!

    hello same thing happend to me the other day..all i did was call up RAC and they came and managed to open the door of the car with some equipment they had. but the different was i locked my keys in my car. Also if u want to get nu keys from ford they charge a bomb for itt cheers
  4. neons

    o would i wire it so that when i open the door dey come on?
  5. air filter

    hello all i have an ford fiesta finesse 2004 model and the air filter is in a box on top of the engine. it contains a square filter. is there any way i can connect a cone filter instead as i am looking to buy a K&N filter.. thanks
  6. neons

    hello how would you add neons in a ford fiesta finesse 04 model thanks