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  1. Car Door Checks

    2014 Fiesta Titanium1.0L ecoboost. checking the door check arms today (I think that's what they're called) I noticed the feel like they are rubber coated or some other material, they were dry and didn't appear to have any lubricants grease etc on them, or any sign of previously been greased. Should they have a lubricant on them ? If so what type should I use?
  2. Identifying oil types

    similar to my old 02 focus then😊 the most stupid place ever for a filter you couldn't get a container directly under it, once you took it off the oil flowed onto a crossmember ...or was it the driveshaft and splashed everywhere except the container for catching the oil. 😩
  3. Identifying oil types

    Think I might have to talk nicely to one of my sons and get them to do the job on the street, that way I know the correct oil is in it. :-)
  4. Identifying oil types

    Is there a way to find out if the correct grade of oil has been put in my 2014 fiesta 1.0 ecoboost by garage during oil and filter change without spending a fortune on fancy testing equipment or do I have to rely on the garage being truthful ? I used to do oil changes etc on my old cars but age and health issues these days mean I must use a garage for simple jobs like this.
  5. Dash Camera with Rear one,advice.

    I was looking for a dascam for front and rear, I looked at the nextbase duo but it feels like cheap plastic, I decided against the duo cos I was not prepared to pay a extra 50 quid for lesser quality video footage. I got the nextbase 512 gw instead which I think is better quality in build and video. A email I received from nextbase tells me that a nextbase rear cam will be available in 2 or 3 months time. I believe it will cost around £70.00ish. This will draw power from the front cam and will be the same video quality as the 512gw. I'm just going to hang on for that.
  6. Nextbase Duo Dashcam

    Anyone using a Nextbase Duo dashcam on a 14 plate Fiesta with factory tinted windows on the rear? I'm about to buy a Nextbase 512 GW but noticed the duo does the rear too, I'm wondering how the tinted glass would affect the video quality.
  7. Seat Belt Pads

    2014 fiesta titanium. Wife recently had mammoplasty (partial mastectomy) on left breast. I'm on the lookout for a good seat belt pad for drivers side that would still be legal and safe to use. She is is not a tall person and the sliding adjuster on the door pillar either makes the seat belt cut into the side of her neck or it puts the belt over the wound area, either way it is very irritating for her. Anyone had this problem and found a comfortable solution?
  8. Bluetooth OBD2 Apps

    yes made sure demo mode is off, it looks like a timeout error, response time was 60 something then describing it as "Bad", It would try to connect 2 or 3 times then a popup would appear "Make sure ignition is turned on" or words to the effect, engine was running at the time. The obd2 was chosen from the wifi settings showing as "Connected" A bit frustrating as its the first time using such a tool.
  9. Bluetooth OBD2 Apps

    Purchased the Forscan App for my Iphone 5s today to use with my ELM327 I bought off Amazon Waste of a fiver, it won't even try to connect to the above adapter, I thought it might have been a faulty ELM327 so I tried a couple of free apps, they seem to have worked so I guess the adapter is ok. Phone call to credit card company in the morning methinks to get my fiver back.
  10. Bluetooth OBD2 Apps

    Looking for recommendations on what App to get for a bluetooth OBD2 scanner/reader. I'm looking to purchase a Elm 327, App for either Iphone or Android tablet. I don't mind paying a reasonable price for the app if necessarry.
  11. Help - ABS light on

    Think I might invest in one too, I've never heard of Tunnelrat, are they ok to deal with or should I stick to Amazon? I've never used a obd2 reader before, my knowledge of cars were when computerised thingies were the size of b&q warehouses
  12. Service Now Or Later?

    Bought a 2014 fiesta titanium 1.0 ecoboost three weeks ago, currently 14000mls on the clock, the mint condition of the car inside and out reflects the low mileage. everything seems to be running fine at the moment. While browsing on Google tonight I came across some not so good reviews on the dealer I bought it from, Arnie Clark. Apparently my car had a service a day or so before I took ownership, service book was stamped but I don't know what, if anything was carried out. I declined to purchase a service plan from AC as I intend to use a Ford dealership (not Evans Halshaw) not far from me, a friend of mine who I trust uses this ford dealer for his fairly new mondeo and reckons it is better than EH. Given the reviews on AC would I be wise to book my car in for a service now at the Ford Dealer or take my chance until net service date?
  13. Small Hole in back box, still pas MOT ??

    As Jamie said if you can hold off mot until you have the readies get the back box done before mot, a small hole usually and eventually erupts into a large noisy hole 9 times out of ten at the most inopportune time, dont want it happening during a mot
  14. Start/Stop Technology question

    I passed my test 50 years ago and still haven't pranged it yet, I think if you become over-cautious and keep worrying you will eventually prang it. By passing your test you have proved you can be a responsible driver. Just take care and try not to do any daft stunts when mates in the car try to encourage you to do so. Anyone wrapping their car around a lampost etc because of speed proves poor driving skill, it's not the crar that is dangerous, it is the person behind the wheel controlling it. Enjoy the car and leave road rage at home. It's your licence you worked hard to get it so look after it, no-one can take it away from you unless you deserve it. Enjoy your new found freedom.
  15. Engine shake in idle

    Think the dealer might be pulling your ...leg. my 2014 3 cylinder 1L ecoboost does not shake or have excess vibrations at idle in fact it is quite smooth.