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  1. 02 Focus 1.8 tdi EDU repair

    EDU sent off for repair ...I hope. Hopefully be back by the end of the week and weather permitting get it back on the car. Will post back if successful or not.
  2. 02 Focus 1.8 tdi EDU repair

    Anyone had a repair done on the EDU on a Bosch VP30 fuel pump for 02 focus 1.8 TDI? Car is a non-start ,OBD codes are pointing to the fuel pump and some googling on the net suggest it might be the transistor on the FIP edu circuit. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem and successfully had a repair done, also possible recommendation where to send the EDU. Not a problem for me to remove the edu, electronic repair though is not my forte. Repairing the edu would be megabucks cheaper than a new pump which would be more than the car is worth and might save it from the scrappy.
  3. Getting under the fiesta!

    I've ran a front or backwheel up onto a spare wheel in the past to get a height though I'm not sure i'd want to use a good alloy . getting up is tricky but can be done.
  4. FIP EDU module repair

    Has anyone used the repair service listed below, fuel injection pump bosch vp 30 EDU module is suspect and would rather try this before removi g the whole pump. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/REPAIR-SERVICE-Bosch-VP44-VP30-Diesel-Fuel-Injection-Pump-PSG5-EDC-EDU-Module-/131672808505?utm_source=FordOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks&utm_campaign=referrals
  5. Has Fuel Pump Died?

    Yes I seen that about cutting the wires and I understand it's to easily identify which wire belongs to which. Question is what method is used for rejoining them? Somehow I don't think wrapping wire together and sealing it up with electrical tape is the answer ...I maybe wrong of course.
  6. I normally use ordinary regular unleaded petrol when fuelling up, would using Premium affect the 2014 fiesta 1.0l ecoboost engine causing a problem ?
  7. Has Fuel Pump Died?

    Thanks for the info folks, I'll post back the results when the job is done ...shudders😀 Might get my son to do it, he has very steady hands, I'll supervise🙄
  8. Has Fuel Pump Died?

    Can the module be removed in situ or does the whole pump need to be completely removed from the engine?
  9. Has Fuel Pump Died?

    After 15 good years with this car my daughter's 02 Mk1 Focus Ghia 1.8 TDDI approx' 85000 miles has decided to become unco-operative for her. It cut out and had to be towed home by breakdown company. It has since refused to start.I took off the top bolts of timing case cover pulled it back a little to check the timing belt, it is still intact and as firm as I'd expect, timing belt was replaced at 50000 miles. No visible fuel leaks, battery is less is 6 months old. I noticed two broken wires from the EGR connector, I'm not sure if this would prevent a start even it is was rough.I Plugged in Elm 327 from Tunnelrat connected to laptop with Forscan did DTC scan and was greeted with several PCodes. I assume the EGR codes are because of the two broken wires, the others had me concerned.Module: Code:PCM P0404 EGR out of RangePCM P0409 EGR Valve Position Sensor , Open CircuitPCM P1564 FIP Requesting reduced fuelling modePCM P1608 FIP Watchdog Signal Lost, dtc maybe caused by open circuit, signal shorted to ground or signal return, supply voltage to FIP out of range.PCM P1664 FIP Malfunction, timing chain tensionPCM P1665 FIP communications with PCM, Open Circuit, supply to FIP out of rangeThis is the first time I've used a OBD reader, Is the p codes above looking like the Fuel injection pump had died?My daughter does not have a lot of money and We are wondering if it is worth repairing, She reckons a fuel pump reconditioned for this old car can be expensive and maybe more than the car is worth. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  10. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    Dont know if it is worth a mention, mk1 02 focus 1.8 ghia tddi wiring going into the egr connector has become brittle and broke away from connector, to be fair though the car is 15 yrs old though, Bodywork still in good nick. Small spot of rust on corner of outer sill, a bit more on inner sills though, one clutch and timing belt replacement in its life and still on the factory fitted exhaust so no real complaints on it longevity. Now its a non start 😣 fuel pump and timing tension mentioned in Forscan so it needs a bit investigation or sent to the big scrappy in the sky.
  11. Service/oil change warning lamps

    I have the same entry in my owners manual, as there is no colour mentioned in the message indicator column I'm not sure if it means have it or not
  12. Does the 2014 Fiesta Titanium 1.0L Ecoboost petrol have warning lamp or something that tells me when a service is due. I've only had the above car since March 17 which was serviced just before I bought it. It will be getting it's first Major service in March 18. I've not had any experience of oil change/service due lamps before cos my previous cars were about 20 yrs old +.
  13. Discovered two wires broke away from the EGR connector on 02 MK1 Focus 1.8 tddi Endura Engine. There are three wires in total, one is still secured to the connector. Not sure which of the two wires go where in the connector, anyone had this problem before and is it a easy fix? I believe the sleeves which the wires connect to are still inside the connector. As for replacing the full length of wiring I'm not sure where other end goes as it disappears down the back of the engine bay.
  14. Has Ford Etis Page Changed?

    Trying to look up details of a Ford on Fordetis, it no longer shows what is included or not in your model, has this changed or have I missed something?