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  1. Fiesta Ghia X - Keeps Cutting Out

    hey have you checked the breather pipe/vacume pipe near where you put the oil in mine did that and found out that pipe was blocked
  2. fiesta bumpers

    hey this is my first writing on here. just need some help. sum1 clipped the side of my car the other day and ripped my bumper. i was just wandering in a mk3 si bumpers will fit on my mk4 fiesta 1.3 encore can sum1 plz reply bk many thanks.
  3. Slugish Fiesta 1100 Nreg.

    hey mate was just reading your question and a while ago ma fiesta did tha. my breather pipe/vacume pipe was blocked up and had no room to breathe and kept stalling and being sluggish if i was you i would get that checked. i didnt at first and it pushed it all in to my airbox.