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  1. Hey all, Today while out and about my brake pedal went hard. I was able to stop still. I carried on as it was on a roundabout and when I was off the roundabout the brake pedal seemed to go down again. However the brakes just don't feel right. Checking all the vacuum pipes I could see nothing but came across this at the top of the brake pedal where it meets the firewall. Could this be causing the hissing and brakes not working as they should be? It looks like a split grommet to me Cheers
  2. Where Is The Breather Pipe

  3. Where Is The Breather Pipe

    I meant coil pack. So is it easy to check for splits and such?
  4. Where Is The Breather Pipe

    I have the idle hunting issue. Tried a new could a ht leads.
  5. Where Is The Breather Pipe

    Is it a fiddle to get off. I am guessing the top one I just pull. What about where it disappears to?
  6. Where Is The Breather Pipe

    Not mine but same engine
  7. Where Is The Breather Pipe

    On my 2001 1.6 Ghia where is the breather pipe? Does anyone have a picture? Cheers
  8. Just been up to York and back at a total of about 290 miles. The journey up was fine but on the way back the car juddered a few times. No loss of power or any other symptoms. Coolant temp was fine. I had my odb adaptor running at the same time.Once I slowed down a bit to about 55-60 it was fine. I think I know what the issue is but want some more opinions. I think its the coil pack as this may explain the rough idle. I am planning on buying one this week with some new HT leads and plugs. Any other opinions? Its a 2001 Ghia 1.6
  9. 2001 Fiesta Zetec-S Issues

    Ok thanks everyone
  10. 2001 Fiesta Zetec-S Issues

  11. My car seems to be a little sick but I am not to sure what it is? On a cold start it judders. I have got out and looked and the exhaust is moving and white smoke is coming out. A rev normally fixes this. After about 30 seconds the juddering stops and no more white smoke and it drives fine. Now I have checked under the oil cap and there is no white sludge, water tank water is still pink and filled up, but I think it has lost some. I only filled it up today and it has not lost any power. Its not over heating either. So I am ruling the head gasket out for now. But I am stumped. I have a few idea on what it may be but please tell me if I am wrong. Fuse plugs? Bad fuel? MAF sensor Starter motor Battery Timing belt out (Had it changed a year ago) Head gasket (Although I dont think its this) Injectors Sticky valves Few videos http://s191.photobucket.com/user/Mastspotter/media/2013-07-24074850_zps96d2381f.mp4.html And a worse one taken about an hour ago. This had been running about 10 minutes. Its pouring down. Previously to this I had to use it for about 45 minutes about an hour previously. Temp gauge had gone up and down a bit. Never to full. But rested at half. Car again lost no power. Smoke suddenly stopped then. Anyone have a clue?
  12. In my mums S-Max when I unlock the car using the fob the side lights come on and then go off after a small while. On my Fiesta Mark 5 I also have a key fob but no lights when I unlock it. I been told I will need a relay to achieve this. Any ideas? Ta
  13. Fuses?

    Ok Thanks
  14. Fuses?

    Hello I have a 2001 1.3 Ford Fiesta with no manual. My 12v socket does not work and I think it may be the fuse. But with no manual I have no idea what fuse it is. Anyone have a book or know what fuse it is. Cheers