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  1. Anyone?
  2. I meant coil pack. So is it easy to check for splits and such?
  3. I have the idle hunting issue. Tried a new could a ht leads.
  4. Is it a fiddle to get off. I am guessing the top one I just pull. What about where it disappears to?
  5. Not mine but same engine
  6. On my 2001 1.6 Ghia where is the breather pipe? Does anyone have a picture? Cheers
  7. Just been up to York and back at a total of about 290 miles. The journey up was fine but on the way back the car juddered a few times. No loss of power or any other symptoms. Coolant temp was fine. I had my odb adaptor running at the same time.Once I slowed down a bit to about 55-60 it was fine. I think I know what the issue is but want some more opinions. I think its the coil pack as this may explain the rough idle. I am planning on buying one this week with some new HT leads and plugs. Any other opinions? Its a 2001 Ghia 1.6
  8. Ok thanks everyone
  9. Anyone?
  10. My car seems to be a little sick but I am not to sure what it is? On a cold start it judders. I have got out and looked and the exhaust is moving and white smoke is coming out. A rev normally fixes this. After about 30 seconds the juddering stops and no more white smoke and it drives fine. Now I have checked under the oil cap and there is no white sludge, water tank water is still pink and filled up, but I think it has lost some. I only filled it up today and it has not lost any power. Its not over heating either. So I am ruling the head gasket out for now. But I am stumped. I have a few idea on what it may be but please tell me if I am wrong. Fuse plugs? Bad fuel? MAF sensor Starter motor Battery Timing belt out (Had it changed a year ago) Head gasket (Although I dont think its this) Injectors Sticky valves Few videos http://s191.photobucket.com/user/Mastspotter/media/2013-07-24074850_zps96d2381f.mp4.html And a worse one taken about an hour ago. This had been running about 10 minutes. Its pouring down. Previously to this I had to use it for about 45 minutes about an hour previously. Temp gauge had gone up and down a bit. Never to full. But rested at half. Car again lost no power. Smoke suddenly stopped then. Anyone have a clue?
  11. In my mums S-Max when I unlock the car using the fob the side lights come on and then go off after a small while. On my Fiesta Mark 5 I also have a key fob but no lights when I unlock it. I been told I will need a relay to achieve this. Any ideas? Ta
  12. Ok Thanks
  13. Hello I have a 2001 1.3 Ford Fiesta with no manual. My 12v socket does not work and I think it may be the fuse. But with no manual I have no idea what fuse it is. Anyone have a book or know what fuse it is. Cheers
  14. I am going for the tests very soon and hoping to pass of course I know its a bit premature but I been looking at cars. Call it the excitement. I have really got my eye on a Ford Focus. I have always liked them. Not looking for a brand new one. Perhaps a 1999 one or 2000. What would be a decent price for one? Would prefer a 1.3 engine. Also what are peoples opinions on these? Cheers