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  1. Ford Ranger Stereo Controls

    I am in the same boat on this one as well, I have the 07 plate, I have never worked out this also ? Anyone !!!
  2. Ranger 2007 4X4 help

    Hi All, first post to this site as very little info available antwhere else on the web !! I have had my 2007 Ranger Thunder D/Cab for 1 year now from new, its back at the dealer having its 1st years service and minor repairs. I have issues with its 4x4, I engaged 4x4 one day when the heavens opened and road surface was awash with water , driving along fine in a relatively straight line until I needed to make a turn on a small round-about and the truck put up a resistance (like hand brake applied whilst driving !). I have discovered this on several occasions and I am confused ! The owners manual is poor and not clear on its proper use, yes I understand that I have the option of going off road but this is not likely to be a habit of mine ! Any one else experienced this, Ford dealer has stated a couple of their guys got caught out whilst trying to park a truck !! This seems to be a bad system ? :( Any Help appreciatted ! Thanks