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  1. Exhaust vibration knockin' !

    It was that mate, thats for your helps! just bent it witha screw driver and hammer, perfect. thanks again
  2. Exhaust vibration knockin' !

    to save me some ££ going to get it looked out, would like ur advice peeps. It looks like a fair new exhaust. but wen stationary with the engine running, or after ive revved the engine and the revs' drop, a "knocking" sound, not vibration, more like a bouncing knocking noise comes from inside my exhaust .. if i push down with slight pressure on the exhaust pipe, the knocking stops. but it sounds like its coming from inside the main chamber. i can hear it somethings when im cruising along at a steady 30mph. whats your thoughts guys, i've no ramp to reverse onto to check the car but i have a jack. recon its a simple tighten something up? or somethings wrong! thanks in advance for your help. Mark
  3. Replacing radio in 99 ford focus Hatchback

    Cheers mate, all went well! looking goood.
  4. thanks for reading, Well ive always used this thing that lets me use my ipod in the casette holder, but i bought a Pinoneer CD player with USB/AUX in for my focus, gona fit it tonight, will going to Halfords and picking up those plastic frames (£20), where u take out the front of the focus radio etc, put the plastic thing in place, then the new cd player radio fits in there. ill also be buying an arieal adaptor as i heard everyone also needs these. cost like £3-£4 is there anything else i should know? its a V reg 99' ford focus hatchback 5 dr. i know the front of them is a weird shape but surely nothign can go wrong? thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Advice on a Focus

    Well im sure you can get a very good oen for around £1600-£1800 without a problem. i just passed and got a 1.8 zetec 81k miles for £1795! knocked him down abit etc :P there fantastic first cars, smooth drive quiet when running, big and full of space. and look damn nice! couldnt ask for a nicer sized car!
  6. Hey guys! thanks for reading my post. jsut after tinting my focus. checked a few places and got a quote today for my rear windwos and rear windscreen, £184 ?! i checked ebay and the film pre-cut by lazer so its perfect, is only £35 ! just i dont have the static+dust free enviroment to do it in! anyone think £184 is abit much!? can help me out with places they know where theyve got it done or have friends etc around the 100-130 mark!? ill travel anyway int northwest of Uk to find it! thanks for helpin.