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  1. Happy Birthday zetecjosh!

  2. Fiesta zetec 09 - zetec s 09

    OHH see im rubbish with all this i just like my car to look funky... ive just scratched the rear bumper getting it on the drive so im in a bit of a mood
  3. Fiesta zetec 09 - zetec s 09

    cheers fella... just wish id got the zetec s now lol
  4. Fiesta zetec 09 - zetec s 09

    Hello im new to this site and finding it a lil hard to find my way round but here goes... Ive got an 09 fiesta zetec but would like to make it look more like the zetec s.... anyone know wer i can get the body kit from ?? thanks
  5. My first car jizm

    juat a few pics of when i first got my car april 22nd 2009