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    1998 fiesta 1.25 zetec
  1. i have a mk4 1.25, was wondering how you did it, i used an universal air filter (ripspeed), to do it i've ripped out the airbox, leaving the breather hanging, however, there was also an airflow meter, and what i think was an oxygen sensor which without the airbox cant be connected, i recon this is causing the engine to stall under load like 'dry steering' or idle with the footbrake, do you know any way to get round this? cheers, Jim.
  2. well i think its all complete poppycock
  3. Illegal number plate there
  4. LOL at the 'Graphic equalizer' on the stereo haha.
  5. is it a 2.8i or a 1.6?
  6. yep, spot on, i bought some HT Leads, changed them......job's a gudden.
  7. ive got the same sort of problem, for some unknown reason it jus developed slight 'jumps' when accelerating not sure what it is, ive change the plugs......maybe i thought fuel filter? ive got a mk4 fiesta 1.25 zetec.
  8. Could possibly be your front shocks giving up the ghost.... pump the car from the front wing each side and listen to any creaking sounds....if u hear it...then thats your prob.
  9. buy a haynes manual, correct grade of oil and the correct filter, do it yourself m8. your admitting defeat if u take ur car to a garage ;)
  10. I used copper grease on the sliders......but no such luck.
  11. since ive owned my car which has been about 2months now. I have noticed that now and again my my front brakes really smell badly after a longish journey....i took them apart to see if i could fix it and cleaned the sliders and calipers thoughly......the brakes work better...however....no such change on the burning smell, i've had the flexi brake hoses changed aswell. once it got so bad i had to pull over and let them cool. If anyone can shed some light on this please do...its doing my head in. Jim