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  1. Happy Birthday Sid_WRC!

  2. on my 1.6 TRI-VCT i only get 30mpg at best on a mix between motorways and town, driven hard about 21, i managed about 40mpg from manchester to aberdeen : ]
  3. get a focus zetec s like me, being 20 the st and rs are well out of my insurance league, have a look at the zetec S' down at your local dealership :D
  4. strange :S, all the error codes on our fords are S-max C41668 Focus E200 E197 any ideas?
  5. i have a 1.6 focus, when it was brand new i was breaking it in gently and only getting 25-26mpg, now its broken in nicely im averageing around 35mpg : ]
  6. on a 99 focus its possible the nuts have rusted which hold the heatsheild in place, my mates car (similar age) had to have it taken off and have the holes drilled and tapped because the bolts and nuts had coroded that bad,
  7. commonrails would run on alot of oils simialar viscosity to diesel as long as it is mixed in at the right ratio, i'd be interested to know if the two stroke oil works on noise reduction(my god i love the smell of burning two stroke oil haha), my dads beem using a 40/60 mix of bio-diesel/regular diesel recently and there has been a noticeable sound difference
  8. thought so, sorry but the topic title caught my eye thought i recognised it. no actual link between the helicopter and the user then?
  9. im reasonably new to the forums but is that not the call sign for one of the units on roadwars?
  10. already gone to town looking for an induction kit. finally found a kit that had the same maf sensor hole as my car. this might be useful to anyone who wants an induction kit on an 09 focus actually, i got the last model focus' 2.0 litre induction kit, with a little modification this works a treat with my car on the full system front, i've seen a lot of good systems for ST's, i know that these would be completely different at the manifold but i was wondering if they would be the same as my focus from that manifold back
  11. yeah, thats why i was tempted by the decat as i wont need an mot for 3 years with it being 09. i've spoken with greyhound and they said modifications only void the warranty on the items modified, say i modded the exhaust wouldn't void warranty on the engine etc.
  12. keep chasing the dealership up, i deal with greyhound and if im ever getting something done i have to ring up daily to keep on top of them, great cars shame about the sales team
  13. i have tried this with my focus with no joy, i've read thru the manual, you lock the car then unlock it but keep the unlock button held down (visa versa for shutting them). this wont work with my focus, i think tis because its a 3door, works on my mums 5 door smax tho, handy in summer when its really warm out
  14. cheers :D, i imagine its cheaper too. what difference does a sport cat make?