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  1. How Low can you go

    Well..that's...erm...different. I'll pass, I like the oil sump where it is
  2. Door edge protectors

    I have those, best thing ever!
  3. Mk3 ZS - Mudflaps

    I've had those from Performance Creations on my Focus for a while now and I can't fault them. Only took and hour and a half for me to do all four too. Had some on my Subaru too!
  4. Not yet but it's got me thinking though.
  5. Been out and about this morning and drove past a Ford dealer with a couple of Focus RS on the forecourt. Pulled in to have a look and ended up talking to a salesman then taking one for a test drive. Oops!
  6. Mixing oil with diesel

    This is true but the supermarket fuel is of a lower standard compared to the likes of BP for example. The supermarket fuel is of high enough quality to meet British and EU Standards but not BP's and Shell's own higher standards.
  7. A few mods to show off...

    I now have the resonator delete pipe, I was a bit skeptical to begin with but I now wish I'd done it sooner. It's given my ST the exhaust note it deserves and at a fraction of the cost of a full cat back system. The Mountune roll restrictor has now also been fitted and it's made a real improvement to the feel and handling. There is a little more vibration in the cabin but I can live with it with the benefits it provides.
  8. A few mods to show off...

    Took a trip to Mountune HQ for their Cars and Coffee on Sunday. I managed to show some restraint when it came to buying goodies but I did come away with a little yellow box
  9. A few mods to show off...

    I can't fault them, they're so much better compared to OE pads and nowhere near as dusty, Thanks Not vast amounts, there is a slight difference but I'm building to the MP275
  10. Not been in here for a while and in that time away I've bought a few goodies for my ST. Most recently I made use of Mountune's Christmas deals and bought the induction kit and hose, previous to that I bought Performance Creation's Rallyflapz to try and prevent even more stone chips down the sills and finally, or firstly lol, EBC Red Stuff Ceramic pads with Pagid Discs.
  11. Brake Pads & Disc Make ???

    It's every other day they send me an email usually including the words "Hurry, 30% off everything online..." "..sale ends soon..." They're like DFS, always got a sale
  12. Brake Pads & Disc Make ???

    Check out EBC Brakes Direct in the club discount section, I bought a set of EBC Red Stuff pads for my ST from them recently. Euro Car Parts is worth a look too, they've usually got 30% off everything online over the weekends, I bought a set of Pagid discs from them (a word of warning though they're priced individually not in axle sets for some reason, got caught out by that lol).
  13. Does anyone know...

    Cheers, I'll look into that.
  14. Does anyone know...

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of decent fitted seat covers for the Recaros in my ST? I've looked around online but the ones I've seen all look a bit naff to be honest. Cheers
  15. Best Dslr For £300?

    Definitely go for a Nikon, they have a good selection of lenses too. I've messed around with Canon cameras and lenses when i thought about changing my D-SLR for a newer model but i wasn't impressed (I didn't buy a new camera in the end I just bought another bit of Nikon glass lol).