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  1. Mk2 headlight bulbs

    yes I think you are right just thought I would mention it as when I have had my car washed at the hand wash (£ 5.00 bargain bucket) they can some time move the switch and you end up with your headlights pointing towards the ground right in front of the car
  2. Mk2 headlight bulbs

    Just s thought but have you got the levelling switch in the correct position for normal unlayden position?
  3. Fog light conversation

    I'll see if I can find the clips tomorrow as off to the zoo today. Good luck with the windows let me know how you get on.
  4. Bumper cover removal

    Thanks Ian
  5. Bumper cover removal

    Thanks Ian
  6. Fog light conversation

    I got some extra clips myself but they are expensive if you get them from ford.
  7. Bumper cover removal

  8. Fog light conversation

    Thanks for the compliment on the seats it is a fair amount of work but well worth it in the end. Just take your time and be very careful when tackling the door release cable use a hair dryer to help soften the plastic clip
  9. Advice needed on LED bulbs`

    Just fitted a set to a fiesta and they don't flash quickly and are very bright
  10. Fog light conversation

    I used a hair dryer the heat up the plastic clip on the lock mechanism to help soften the plastic as I did brake the one on the passenger door. You could also use a trip clip tool to pop off the panel as well I borrowed one from a mate at work and found it worked very well. Good luck
  11. Bumper cover removal

    Hi no it's the full cover we need to replace the lower grill and plastic shroud that sits behind it
  12. Bumper cover removal

    Hi has any one removered the front bumper cover on a mk3.5 focus st thanks in advance
  13. Fog light conversation

    Thanks Alan Paul you need to strip out the whole inner door card with the window regulator and locking mechanism to remove the old loom and fit the new loom i should have taken photo's to explain, but I will probable need to do it all over again to remove the door moldings for painting.