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  1. Sync 3

    thanks pretty much what happened today only trouble is its only just over a week old wife was not happy as its here car!!
  2. mk2 clocks change.

    hello I think Chris is right you may need the ecu from the doner car as well I take it you have gone from a mk2 focus to a face lift mk 2.5 I think it can be done bu its not a case of plug and play. but as Chris has said there will be someone along shortly who knows what you need to do.
  3. Sync 3

    Hi has anyone had any trouble with their sync3 where no sound come from the speakers? Just popped to shops and on the way home no audio sounds from speakers you could get the sat nav to work. Got home locked the car then after 5 minutes or so it was working again. Thanks in advance
  4. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Thats okay Pretty good guess in fact I live in Warwickshire and travel to Coventry working for a motor vehicle company in r&d
  5. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    That's what worries me lol
  6. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Just wondering how you know about where I travel to and from work??
  7. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Did you see the car then?
  8. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Are you talking about me Ian?
  9. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Thanks mate it's unusual colour just like mine ( Tango Red)
  10. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Hi here's the wife's
  11. speaker test

    Hi thanks for your help guys
  12. speaker test

    Thanks Stephen silly question but what actually happens in test mode? lol
  13. Focus 3.5 wind deflectors

    Just picked up a st line for the wife and had a set of the climairs fitted.
  14. speaker test

    Sorry to butt in but wife had just got a st line can someone tell me about the speaker test on a mk3,5 using sync 3