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  1. fuel economy

    My 2009 focus Zetec s 1.8 petrol holds 55 Ltrs I think, I that up to the filler cap ?? Anyway from brim full I can do 163 MLS easily under half a tank. but I'm not sure if I should base it on 55 ltrs or say 60 because it's brim full ??
  2. Which is the best petrol

    I mainly use BP,the others I use depending where I am is Texaco and Esso
  3. Which is the best petrol

    My Zetec S 1.8 09 plate is petrol but is it any advantage in putting in dearer petrol or will this engine won't see any benefits. i have put the dearer stuff in odd times but if it's not worth it then I will stop it
  4. Esp light on

    What age,model is it? Wondering if it's the same as mine which is an 09 plate Zetec S
  5. dashcam/cigerette plug

    I'm looking into getting one myself,my local Halfords are so busy they can't fit mine at the moment but they said if I buy one and use the sig lighter I can come back and have it hard wired yo the fuse box if I wanted too. Having the cam straight to the fuse box is the best way,no dangling wires and you haven't got to touch the cam except for changeing the settings
  6. Very poor mpg

    Diesels need to be worked,they like motorway/duel carriageway driving. Is it true my 1.8 petrol (09) need an average amount of motorway work because apparently 1.8 don't like short journeys either (which I'm not surprised). ??
  7. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    What do you mean setting it 30? is it where you manually set the limit so the car won't go above it until you cancel it?
  8. Engine System Fault

    If the garage knows what it could be before they sort your car out they may give you a quote for the job(s) do you can decide then.Its hard to decide until you know what the job entails
  9. What Car Should I Buy?

    Ford told me if you're doing under 12k a year DONT get a diesel. I'm doing way under 8 so that's me settled with petrol for a while lol
  10. cambelt change

    On my previous car the first time the cambelt got changed was about 79 odd thousand. You won't hurt leaving it for longer if it's only on 55k. Can't remember prices though
  11. Esp question

    I've heard from other sources it's best to turn off when snowing,something to do it's the power not going to the front wheels or something? Anyone explain ?
  12. Esp question

    I'm trying to find on the forum a topic which included a discussion about pros and cons of turning off the ESP but I can't find it.Why do some drivers turn it off??
  13. Need advice 10 plate focus 1. 8 zetec

    If you do have the car get as much driving done as possible whilst you're still in your warranty,that way if anything goes wrong they've got to put it right
  14. Rip Off

    i get my tracking done on my car for just over £20 inc vat,and I watched him do it
  15. Focus Zetec s Engine light

    My engine management light came on and basically its the flaps in the manifold sticking.But when I started it yesterday the light had gone out. I thought you got to have a computer to make the light out. Can anyone shed any light on this?? Thanks. It an 09 plate