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  1. Thanks, seems so strange that it has begun playing up now.
  2. Did you every manage to get this sorted? I am having the same problem with my 2010 Zetec S
  3. Hi Guys, I have a 57 plate Ford Fiesta, and I am planning to carry a bike rack on it this weekend but the problem I have is that my rear windscreen wiper automatically clears the rear windscreen when you put it in reverse. Is there any way of stopping it from doing this, can I just remove the fuse that relates to that? Thanks very much
  4. Hi emily, i bought a Sony laptop can't think what one off the top of my head but that has been brilliant, that was for my uni which I start end of next month. If you don't mind me asking, what university are you going to?
  5. :-(

    good to hear its all fixed up. Hope they did a good job
  6. :-(

    I could reel off a number of different things I would call these inconsiderate people, but I would probably get banned from the club.
  7. Thats ok I dont do complicated things, I am far to simple for that :)
  8. :-(
  9. :-(

    I feel your pain Poohbear, I have had people open there doors and dent my car twice now :( I would give dent devils a ring it will cost £75 but they come out to your house or work and push the dent back out. They do a really good job as well. If I had done it to someones car I would offer them the money to have it repaired.
  10. If it knocked the chassis it will be expensive, could just be that it nudged the front wing back onto the door and so they are rubbing
  11. I currently work in insurance as part of my gap year before uni, and there are two bands where insurance will be significantly reduced. The 1st is 21 and the 2nd is 25. Unfortunately the company I work for won't be able to help you guys as they don't do individual car quotes. However Tradex will offer you dirt cheap car quotes but as I said you need to make sure you get the cover that you want as they are crafty, they will change things if you ask them but you just need to read your policy docs carefully. Also Bell and Foryoungdrivers are supposedly quite good.
  12. I currently pay £750 but with an £800 voluntary excess so that its cheaper. That is with Elephant. Although if you have more than 2 cars in the household Tradex home fleet is quite cheap but you need to be careful with their wordings
  13. I don't think Ferrari's are that much, a friend of mine with 9 points on his license insured a Ferrari F40 for just over £1000 so how can they warrant charging that much, thats nearly 50% of what the car costs
  14. Ford do all the parts you need, and I am sure somewhere like ebay you would be able to get them if not usually do a large amount of parts for your car. But here is my 1.6 tdci in the exact spec your looking for, except for it hasn't got the ST bumpers on it, this gives you an idea that it can be done except mine was all factory fitted so dont know how difficult it will be to add on
  15. Well if you can get one that you can remove and put back on again then it doesn't matter as they will never know.