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  1. brakes

    thanks mate what do you do with the drums?
  2. brakes

    maybe,but, why would the noise stop for 800 miles after having the front discs and pads changed if it was the rear? doesn't make sense. I think I'll go with having the front brakes cleaned and greased at the weekend.both sides just to make sure. if that fails I know quick fit do a full brake check where everything is stripped down and inspected for faults, discs,pads, drums,piston etc, for £25 , would that be worth doing?
  3. Air Con Issue, Not working

    had the same on my mk2.5,air con packed in 3 days after a regard, really strange thing, little came out when I pressed myself thought I'd got a massive leak, took the car to another garage 2 months ago for them to do a leak test and regass, found no leak, found there to still be gas in the system although not full (1 year after 1st regass) so they refilled the system and it's been fine ever since. leak test and re-gas cost £45 inc vat from a local independent garage.
  4. brakes

    just tried the handbrake, 3rd click it still squeaked, 4th click got alot quieter squeak
  5. brakes

    ive 100 percent got it down to which side of the car it is, frobt or rear seems harder to get though. the squeaking isn't all the way through braking so it would be hard to test like that? once I've pressed the brakes hard enough to get from 30mph to 20mph the squeal has gone? I get what you're saying about dirt though, I ran water through the gap in the rear drums around a hour and half ago, lots of gritty looking prices were sat inside the alloy afterwards.
  6. brakes

    noticed driving home from work that after a hard stop, the squeak goes or quietens down alot, but only for the next 5 or 6 stops, very weird. also I'm 75 percent sure it's front drivers, 25 rear drivers
  7. brakes

    not 100 percent sure but from driving w8th the windows down it does sound like the drivers front, not 100 percent as it seems weird to have the same problem with 2 sets of brakes and 2 different people fitting them , that they both could miss something. makes me slightly think in the back of my mind it could possibly be the drum. are copper grease and copper ease the same product? are there any other products and recommended brands? I'm going to supply the person doing it for me the products so I know they've been used .
  8. brakes

    thanks for replying , I replaced discs and pads, ferodo pads and brake engineering discs, middle of the road stuff. the calipers aren't painted. the squeaking is defiantly the drivers side this time (it was passenger the first set of brakes I had done) sounds like the front , can't imagine it to be the back as it's drum brake on the rear. my father in laws friend fitted the brakes for me, I could see he's defiantly used copper grease on the back of the pads, not sure about the sliders etc, but I didn't have a problem for the first 800 miles that's what is confusing me. surely if he's have not greased something they'd have squeaked straight away?
  9. brakes

    just wanted to bring this up again , the noise was manageable up until last week when I went to Devon from Nottingham, did 500 motorway miles and 300 around town (very hilly) started getting a really loud squeal when braking lightly, it's quietness down alot since being back home but the noise seems to get worse when the brakes get hot ( no squealing until I've drove around 3 miles stopping and starting) any ideas what could be the problem? pads still look new from looking through the wheels, discs are fine, I've been cleaning the discs by spraying brake cleaner on the every 2/3 days (approx 60miles) I've been told to get the brakes stripped, cleaned and greased again but I know they were done when I had the brakes changed around 3k miles ago, and the squeaking started about 800 miles after having them changed. exact same problem now with 2 new sets on discs and pads. really pulling my hair out, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. focus brake caliper spring

    thanks, can copper grease be used for everything or do I need silicone grease aswell?
  11. Bonnet lock

    didn't need a new grill mate God knows how they managed to open it, probably should have asked, I think they charged 56 for the whole lock mechanism with vat plus an hour labour , I was happy with the price and just to open the bonnet again, but like you say I wish I could have managed it myself
  12. focus brake caliper spring

    another thing I've noticed is after 3 or 4 hard stops from 40mph it stops squeaking for the next 20 miles or so , seems really weird and very annoying
  13. Bonnet lock

    sorry for the late reply, not signed in for a while. didn't manage to get into the bonnet myself, a local garage did and charged me £103 parts and labour, faulty cable was to blame.
  14. focus brake caliper spring

    so the spring is defiantly nothing to do with it? is it normal for it to slightly pop out of it's holes? as for the squeak I have a family friend who fitted the brakes, I know he did grease the back of the plates, is it worth getting him to 're grease them? along with the runners?
  15. focus brake caliper spring

    been having trouble with brakes squeaking, had 2 new sets of discs and pads but still the noise comes back only when lightly braking, no noise when braking firmly, I've noticed that the caliper spring I think it's called? sits on the outside of the caliper, is coming out slightly and can be pushed back in, would this have anything to do with the squeaking I'm getting?