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  1. water leak 2001 focus

    i own a 2001 1.6 focus, and i have an annoying water leak in my footwell, but its not in the common passenger side footwell, my leak is on the drivers side. i have just had the windscreen replaced on friday but it seems more worse than it was before, ive taken the a-pillar trim off, removed sun-visor, interior light etc so i can see why the headliner was getting wet and to identify where the water was coming in, but just seems worse now and i can see that the windscreen is well sealed in place, has anyone had a similar problem? i know its not the roof aerial thats leaking, as a ford dealership in burnley said that leaks in the top drivers side corner can only be windscreen or aerial. im totally puzzled and in need of some sound advice. helllppppp please ppl