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  1. Hub Nut Torque setting

    Thanks Stef :P Much appreciate your response and confirmation - you know what its like when you give a man a big tool, he just wants to use it to its full extent :o
  2. Hub Nut Torque setting

    :P Thanks Gaz, Much appreciate your confirmation - I'll tell him indoors to set it to 235NM Regards, and have a fine day
  3. Hub Nut Torque setting

    Hi all, My first posting on this forum. My hubby has just looked at the rear brake shoes on my lkle green Fiesta 51 reg, since I complained about a squeeking nose - they are ok luckily. He now needs to put the central hub nut back on and the Haynes manual says it needs 199 lbft (270 NM) of torque. He says this is a lot? :o is this right? He also says he is gona have to buy a new torque wrench since his only goes up to 150 NM I searched the web and have seen a quoted figure of 235nm in a couple of places. He says the nut consists of a washer and 4 thin nuts all caged together (30mm socket fits it) Can any one confirm the value? Cheers Linda