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  1. Brake pads and discs

    Thanks for your replies, I'll try take the brake off tomorrow for some pictures. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  2. Brake pads and discs

    Appologies forgot to mention that I have had the wheel off with brake cleaner in hand. Additionally from what I could tell the disc look alright. The pads are already chamfered and have copper slip on the correct areas. The disc has no lip on it.
  3. Brake pads and discs

    So A few month ago I got some new blueprint pads for my mk7.5 1L and recently they have started whistling/squealing. One mechanic has told me one of the pads have been wearing down wrong causing the noise. Ive also been told by another mechanic that the disc is warped and causing the noise; which would wear the pads down wrong.🤔 So I'm wondering if I should change the discs or the pads, or both and if so what brand do I choose? Brembo, EBC, Eicher etc. Would like to know some opinions and experiences [emoji106]
  4. Window problem mk7.5

    It has but I didn't think they would have caused this as they go inside the window frame?😕 I tried to put it back under the seal but its like a plastic material and wouldn't stay, also I didn't want cause it to split it more. Not sure whether to heat it up and try shape it back in?
  5. Window problem mk7.5

    Its just happened over the course of a few weeks, its on both doors but the drivers side; which is the more effected area has started to split.
  6. Window problem mk7.5

    Anyone else experiencing this on their windows or know how to fix it?
  7. 16k miles continental tyre gone?

    oponeo has decent prices for tyres but you'll have to get them fitted somewhere
  8. Midnight Sky Vinyl Help

    Did you manage to wrap the boot handle, if so what colour did you use?
  9. Annoying Rattle!!

    One rattle down! Over the weekend decided to source the passenger side rattle down. Had a drive, sounded like it was from the back so started to take trim off. Started with the plastic sill then went for a drive to see if whatever it was would slide out but no luck. Next step I was going to get the rear speaker trim off. When trying to figure out how to get the panel off I put my hand under the seat for some strange reason and seen the carpet was out of position. Then discovered this little *******. Problem solved :) A while ago was taking some board games to a new home, I guess one of the hungry hungry hippo wanted to leave something behind So moral of the check under the carpet haha
  10. Annoying Rattle!!

    exactly that mate
  11. Heko Wind Deflectors Removal?

    I haven't even got the clips in mine, I couldn't get them in, how do you get them in?
  12. Annoying Rattle!!

    Just after I read this I went out in the car and the passenger seat belt has started rattling, just my luck haha.
  13. Annoying Rattle!!

    It usually happens after a bumpy road or driving across speed bumps, but when I get close to home it settles down or even stops. It doesn't really sound like a rattle though its more of a crackling noise but the stereo doesn't need to be on which I find strange ?
  14. Annoying Rattle!!

    Ive had the car since January its a mk 7.5 3 door and has since developed a rattle behind the driver seat in the speaker area. I've took it in to ford and they said trim isn't covered by warranty so it look like I'm going to have to sort it myself, but don't know where to start, any help much appreciated.
  15. Mk7 Map Light Trouble

    When I changed my bulbs to LEDs i found that they weren't going fully in the socket and that some only worked when the contacts were a certain way round.