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  1. im sure mountune will already have kits ready by release or soon after!!
  2. id say it depends on your driving. Was this a sales person telling you that? many people i know have used standards shocks when fitting springs without any problems.
  3. ford have quoted me £150 for my second service!
  4. mean the badges will become rare and sell for alot i wish!!
  5. na sori m8 duno where the valve is or anythin! mines a petrol 1.25 zetec s Im stil w8in for the part to be dilvered from ford!! i think theres pics on ebay etc of wot it looks like though! hope that helps!
  6. hey, my fiestas doing the same! randomly reves to bout 3000 and people think u wanna race them at the lights! had a mate look at it and the problems seems to be a faulty idol control vavle... erm..think its gna cost me about £80ish to fix.. hope that helps! himi