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  1. new clutch

    hello focus people just finished renewin clutch in my 52 tdci what a ba**ard job never again you can stick your dmf .release bearingand the clutch up henry fords unmentionable.and as for the nearside drive shaft what a cowshead. but any way glad its done the fly wheel had worn the heads off the bolts where it had failed. used the pitstart self service garage in london nw10. it took me 10 !Removed! hours £378 for parts .£115 daily charge for the garage. alot cheaper than your friendly ford main robbing dealer.any one thinking of doing it themselfs good luck but it can be done
  2. sparkplugs

    hello i may be stupid am fitting spark plugs and new ones are longer than original does this matter
  3. solid fly wheel kit

    does anyone know the best place to get a solid fly wheel conversion kit and is it the best thing to do ive a tdci and the dmf is fooked.and is it an epic job to do
  4. new member

    just to say hello iam a new member ive always been a ford man since starting my eprentership at a ford main dealer at sixteen in panelbeating ive an intrest in all types of fords old and new i currently own a focus tdci. have just started a new job at a self service garage were anyone can work on there own car and pay by the hour its called pitstartgarage in london