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  1. 2005 Focus 1.8Tdci Sport

    Part ordered was this -
  2. 2005 Focus 1.8Tdci Sport

    Hello All, Can anyone help? My partners 2005 Focus 1.8TDCI Sport is returning terrible MPG, her temp gauge is all over the shop and read that this may be the cause? I have bought a new one but it would seem I maybe looking in the wrong place to replace this as the nut holding the one in – on the picture is a 21mm nut and not the 19mm as on the new sensor? The car is also throwing up an egr sensor error, Is there an easy way of getting the EGR off and cleaning? I have ordered a blanking plate but they have stuck it in the worst possible place to gain access? Any advice on cleaning the EGR or where the sensors are? Thank you