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  1. Mk2 headlight bulbs

    Sit in the car on a level unlit road or car park and turn the switch on way or another and you'll see the bulb pattern move up or down accordingly, chose which one is best for your situation.
  2. Headlight bulb coming loose

    Here is a picture of the plug, you can see the push down tab with the curved lines on it
  3. Headlight bulb coming loose

    It's not a clip as such, more of an electrical connector that has two slots in it that slide into guide lugs on the headlight unit, there is a tab that locks the bulb in place this is where my problems lie, as it doesn't make a positive click when I depress it.
  4. 300mm brake upgrade

    I really don't know if I'm honest, some people seem to think it's been lowered, but I'm not sure, haven't changed the suspension since I bought it. Some people on here recon it's the eibach set up, not a clue tbh
  5. Does Colour Matter?

    Come on guys show a little love for the red team, COME ON YOU REDS. My last four cars have been red. Vauxhall Vector owned for 4 years, started fading. Ford Mondeo MK2, owned for 9 years, colour perfect when it went to the recycling god's Vauxhall Astra, owned for 6 months, couldn't wait to part ex it for my current Focus, when I saw it, it was love at first sight, and to think I used to hate red cars, funny how your decisions change over the years.
  6. Headlight bulb coming loose

    Any ideas guys 👍
  7. 300mm brake upgrade

    Ahh I know Cimla well, I'm living up the valley about 7 miles from Neath, I won't say where exactly but it begins with R. I'm now thinking the shims/springs are built into the pads, as you can see them sticking out in the above picture.
  8. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    My RS is modified to 450bhp I always get away from most people no problems..........what, yes, ok, I'm awake, yawn oohhh what was I saying, oh yeah, IF ONLY 😂😂😂😂
  9. Has anyone else had issues with the headlight bulb coming loose, mine was loose when I took it for MOT 3 week's ago, when I got home I repositioned the bulb and pushed the retainer back on but the retainer seemed loose. Can I buy these separate, or do I need a new headlight assembly. TIA guys 👍
  10. 300mm brake upgrade

    Ok I stand corrected, looking at the Mondeo MK3 front calipers they don't seem to have any clips at all, I can't remember what I fitted when I done my conversation. Below is an eBay image I was looking at. Where abouts are you from then? I'm in the Neath area, otherwise known as God's Garden 😉
  11. Strange clutch noise when cold

    If I'd known that then I wouldn't have tried it, just remember doing it on a Capri many moons ago, get the revs right and it would slip into gear without to much agro.
  12. MK3 RS spoiler questions...

    Looking the part mate, very nice 👌
  13. 300mm brake upgrade

    I fitted 300mm discs to my previous MK2 Mondeo. If it's Mondeo calipers your using, then I'm pretty sure it's the thin wire retaining clips you need as fitted to the focus, can be bought on eBay for about £10 a set. What brake set up do you have on the rear?
  14. Strange clutch noise when cold

    I had the same problem this time last year, I have a hydraulic release bearing on mine and I lived and lived with it until one day I couldn't select any gears. I managed to jam it into 2nd ( unknowingly damaging the 2nd gear synchro) and limped home at 20mph. Had a new clutch kit (£200) had it fitted (£250) only when I had the car back I discovered the 2nd gear crunching. If I knew it was damaged I would have had the 2nd gear synchro repaired (£80) when the gearbox was out. So car went back in to the gearbox center for gearbox to be repaired £250 for the box to be removed and fitted and as I said £80 for the repair. So in my case a noisy release bearing cost my just shy of £800 # gutted# skint
  15. Starter motor trouble

    Try and get a socket or a spanner on the crankshaft pulley and try to rotate it, just to eliminate a seized engine.