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  1. Welcome to the forum! Nice looking KA you've got yourself! Hope you're enjoying your first car! James.
  2. Hahaha how did I miss that.... Wow. Thanks mate!
  3. Im looking at the illuminated sill plates from using their plug and play kit as I can't be bothered with hardwiring and running wires from here to there. But my question is, if anyone does know, does the plug and play kit sacrifice the footwell light? If you've seen this product you will understand what I mean. If you like, you could also use this thread to recommend their products or ask for advice like I have. Cookey.
  4. I'm curious about's H7 range...
  5. It's minimal... But the light output is whiter. Beam pattern and beam strength looks do be the same. im curious about its "more powerful" 72w brother now...
  6. Same as mine, mine hasnt arrived yet though. Should arrive tomorrow? Surprised yours arrived on a sunday? Intrigued in your pictures mate!
  7. Thats rubbish, i thought it might have just been me, failing to load or something.. Its a shame. I quite liked that feature.
  8. @Paramanic thanks matey! I'll refer back to this when it comes to fitting them! I rang my insurance they said these wont affect my premium but they'll have to get back to me for the j1 induction kit... It was a painful process explaining to them a good 3-4 times what an induction kit actually is.
  9. Guys, where has the "about me" page gone from our profiles? I had a full list on there of my "completed, to-do and wishlist" for my fiesta... I've not been very active at all over the last few months and I've come back to a few updates I'm unsure if this is "one of them"... cookey.
  10. Ah right, I get you now mate! If my brother doesn't fancy these, I may get them later down the road... See how these work out first! If you have time mate, could you grab a quick picture of your rubber seal and how it's cut? Cheers dude.
  11. @Paramanic i actually ended up going for these mate. It'd be good to see the 72w and these side by side though, might get my brother get them for his fez, although he does have flyeye tints... I seem to have lost what your saying mate at the fan less approach... from there onwards. Ive not had my weetabix this morning! ;-)
  12. @Paramanic you got an eBay link or number for the ones you got mate? I've found 3 that are the same but some state they are "fog lights", one is a different bulb base to yours and one is neverland-2012 with lesser rated feedback than the other two Neverland sellers. Cheers
  13. Alright, fair enough!! Cheers mate!
  14. @Paramanic out of curiosity what wattage did you go for because aren't our h7's supposed to run something like 55w? I'm on eBay now looking at these nighteye's and they're all 60w? 72w? cheers
  15. Im with you on not dazzling other road users... i hate it. But its become something now, where im at if you cant beat em', join them. Ive got the projector headlights and look after them too, but the halogen bulbs are appaling. So it would be nice for an upgrade like this. My only issue is declaring these to the insurance?