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  1. I had one for sale a bit back, got rid of it for £190 ish -brand new.. also got a brand new secondary pipe for the 1.0 and an alloy crossover pipe if your interested mate? I've now got an ST-3 so no need for these parts.. I bought them brand new from auto specialists and put them on my 1.0 for like a day or two, before taking them off because of the ST i was getting. (Your gunna need a secondary intake hose for a better/more noticeable intake noise) Cookey.
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  9. Yes... another post on rattle/creaks... but as there is soo many of these posts I figured someone might have had the same issue.. so im driving an ST-3, so the suspension is firmer than the other fiestas, so could be down to that... but the car seems to have developed a creaking rattle coming from the rear, now I've had my dad drive it while I sat in the back to try and diagnose the sound and it seems to be coming from the parcel shelf/rear roof line.. ive applied felt tape to where the parcel shelf meets the boot plastic and to no avail, I've take my steering wheel lock out and placed that in the passenger footwell, no avail, the rest of my boot is made up of a pair of football boots, my work bag, a boot organiser with cloths and one or two bottles of product for the car and a couple of coats.. I've checked all these they didn't produce any rattle of the sort. I know it's a long shot but it sounds like a plastic creak. Any advice/experience would be appreciated. At the moment I'm turning the volume up on my stereo to drown the rattle out but starting to give myself headache! Ahah! Cheers.
  10. For those who dont know, I traded in my 64 plate fiesta in last Friday for a new ST-3. Now obviously I was expecting to see it on trustfords site and AutoTrader. But it feels weird to see it on there haha! Looks strange seeing what was my car last week for sale... This is my first time experiencing this, just hope my car goes to someone who will look after it the way i did! Anyone else recently experienced this? Or anyone know the whereabouts of their previous cars? Cookey.
  11. Cheers Clive, don't think they'd fit the Fiesta ST though, probably should have mentioned that in my OP, be useful for others though!
  12. You've pretty much answered it mate. I mean, like, who and what can be done. Cheers for the answer.
  13. Looking to get my engine cover painted/decorated... I know paintmodz offer it, but what are the other options? Cheers.
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