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  1. So i noticed this today when i shift into 1st or 3rd, the gear shift seems to click/creak it seems to be coming from the knob of the stick. Ive twisted it round, to loosen it and then re-tighten it back up. But to no avail. Ive got a 64 plate fiesta zetec. Anyone experienced anything similar In their ford?
  2. Not wanting to hijack your thread matey. But I fitted my crossover pipe and secondary hose earlier today. The crossover is a b*tch to fit, but got it done eventually. Whats the slight problem with yours mate?
  3. Welcome! Looking for a remap? I'm looking at them too! Revo stage 1 or bluefin superchips for me, undecided yet though. I do have an induction kit for sale that fits all 1.0 ecoboosts'. reason for sale: Doesn't produce as much "pssh" noise when decelerating as I'd like it to have. But does produce enough, if your looking for a subtle "pssh" along with a low deep growl. Also, I can't return to company I purchased it from, as it's been fitted and is now considered used...
  4. That's strange... If you figure it out and fancy the j1, drop me a message fella.
  5. Looks very similar to mine.. ;)
  6. If your interested in an induction kit, I have the j1 induction and blue J1 primary hose for sale.
  7. I've just fitted the j1 Indcution kit last Sunday, 2 days ago, it's brilliant, such a solid kit, heat shield, huge filter, high quality hoses. However, it doesn't give as much "whoosh" as I would've liked, therefore I'm selling it... If your interested @Utah83, drop me a message and an offer? Heres some pictures. And a link to where I purchased it from.
  8. Would like an engine cover myself, just unsure what I actually need as I can't seem to find the parts on the FordPartsUk site anymore??
  9. I'm looking at getting the alloy crossover pipe from AS, but if anyone on here knows of a discount code, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks. Cookey.
  10. See, I know Revo are a well established company and have good reviews... So I could go with them... what happened to yours?? Yeah, bluefin, I've heard is super reliable but I've heard of one or two stories of cars going into limp mode etc... i like the simplicity of the BlueFin...
  11. Hi all, just wondering who has had their car remapped? I have a 1.0 100ps Fiesta 64 plate, I'm wanting a little more power... So which tuning company to go for?? Bluefin superchips? PumaSpeed? Revo? Pro's and cons would be helpful too, I think I've heard a few issues about Bluefin?? Id like to get mine remapped within the next two week or so... Cheers. Cookey.
  12. Whereabouts you from? How many miles is the radius your searching? Are you wanting 125 or 140? And any proffered colour? also what max. Mileage is acceptable for you? let me know, I'll have a gander too. It may also be worth noting that a few second hand dealers can have vehicles transported to you for you to view, test drive. Sometimes free of charge...
  13. I have the 1.0 100 too. They didnt do the 140 when i got mine, i also wanted 5 doors and dress up kit and the zetec with that added was what i wanted... They didnt offer the zetec with a 125 engine either i believe. But im looking at bluefin as mjnewton said. Ive also got a j1 induction kit to install sunday too... Wont be doing much more to it after that as its only my first car. Going to save up for the new style fez coming summer this year or a focus. Be interesting to see what can be done to the upcoming fiesta! Performance wise will be very similar to what is offered now. Then again, tuning companies are always developing! I'd just go with a bluefin and an induction kit or something, possibly look into a cat-back...
  14. Great spec! Ah right, ive got those too, not got round to fitting them yet though. Got some illuminated sil plates and an induction kit to fit too! Going to be a busy weekend!;)
  15. @Pd2 Car looks great Paul! 100? 125 or is it the 140? What h7's are these mate?