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  1. I have an alloy crossover pipe for sale if you want it? Whether that'd fix the problem or not?
  2. I did reach a decision a few days ago... then after seeing a few used cars I think I'll either go new... or next years ST!?
  3. Guys. Im wanting to trade my current car in for the current ST-3.. now I've worked out payments etc, used vs new. And the used one works out cheaper, but only if I were to buy the new one at the end of the 3years. My question is... what should I do? I can afford a new ST-3, and is infact £40 cheaper/month than the used one... or do I wait until 2018 for them to bring out the next style ST? 😩😩
  4. I had the standard chrome grille. Purchsed the zetec s style honeycombe grille and fitted it. But i left the chrome surround of the standard one. I have the zetec s honeycombe lower grille too. Im considering stripping it and putting back to standard before trade in. Your better off not posting your VIN number on public sites... ST style front grille is different to the zetec s grille. Yes its honeycombe. But is a different shape. The ST wont fit a zetec bumper. But zetec s would.
  5. Where are you two from? Im considering stripping my grille from mine. Im trading my car in for an ST. I have a 100ps zetec with dress up kit and swapped out the grilles for the honeycombe ones. Go to my gallery for pictures.
  6. Just wondering what induction kits people are running in their Fiesta ST's? Im getting an st-3 later this month (I'll put another thread in for that at a later stage) and want to put an induction kit in. My brother has the ITG one in and it sounds awesome! But I'm just wondering what others have? Thanks. Cookey.
  7. I fitted the engine cover too! And im also in the process of acquiring an ST-3 in Molten Orange! 👍🏻 Great minds think alike!
  8. Could have saved yourself some money. Should have bought mine that I have for sale... you should cancel your order and save £££ with mine mate. - Now SOLD.
  9. Hi mate. I bought the j1 induction kit from sico developments. And i actually have it for sale now. Due to getting an st-3 this month. I paid £220 for it new. And im selling it for £170! Heres my ebay link if your interested mate! Its a brilliant piece of kit and provides a nice deep growl with mild intake nice. Which increases when coupled with a secondary boost hose. I also fitted a top crossover alloy pipe from AutoSpecialists. (I have both secondary and crossover for sale but not listed on ebay just yet) . i fitted the secondary and crossover the same time as my j1. All three items have less than 30 miles on them. Message me if your interested mate.
  10. Anyway. If anyone is interested I have a J1 induction Kit for sale. Due to me getting another car very soon. Ebay Link -
  11. So i noticed this today when i shift into 1st or 3rd, the gear shift seems to click/creak it seems to be coming from the knob of the stick. Ive twisted it round, to loosen it and then re-tighten it back up. But to no avail. Ive got a 64 plate fiesta zetec. Anyone experienced anything similar In their ford?
  12. Not wanting to hijack your thread matey. But I fitted my crossover pipe and secondary hose earlier today. The crossover is a b*tch to fit, but got it done eventually. Whats the slight problem with yours mate?
  13. Welcome! Looking for a remap? I'm looking at them too! Revo stage 1 or bluefin superchips for me, undecided yet though. I do have an induction kit for sale that fits all 1.0 ecoboosts'. reason for sale: Doesn't produce as much "pssh" noise when decelerating as I'd like it to have. But does produce enough, if your looking for a subtle "pssh" along with a low deep growl. Also, I can't return to company I purchased it from, as it's been fitted and is now considered used...
  14. That's strange... If you figure it out and fancy the j1, drop me a message fella.
  15. Looks very similar to mine.. ;)