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  1. well today ive had phone call stating my ecosport will be ready to pick. ive gone for the 1litre 125 bhp eco engine build is the titanium specification colour blue pictures soon to follow
  2. Focus drinks petrol

    i have same engine on a 51 plate around town average 35. £20 i can get 120miles and thats mix of town and motorway my milage 144 thousand
  3. rear window demister not working

    sorted it was 2 snapped wire were the boot lid opens in side the rubber tube.
  4. rear window demister not working

    thankyou for the infor mation peter shall check these out and follow your guidelines.
  5. rear window demister not working

    hi all as the bad weather now starting im noticing the rear window dimster is not working, yet the door mirrors are working fine. do these share the same relay at all. can anyone give me anyinfor on what to look for thanks
  6. tow bar electrics

    hi all im about to install the wiring but im wanting to know does the mk1 focus 1.6 have the can bus thanks
  7. 1.6 down pipe with or with obd

    hi all had replacement flexi pipe replaced but doesnt how much i tightern it and seal it keep keeps coming apart. so im looking at replaceing the whole down pipe. now mine as a sensor on it. now going off eurocarparts with my reg it comes up with and without obd and big difference it cost aswell. so is it possible just to get one with out obd and tie cable up or am i going to have running problems. any infor appricated thanks
  8. hi all as above im after the exhaust manifold dowpipe. ive notiice some are saying with obd and some without obd. reg is 2002 model. how would i know which is which thanks in advance
  9. Ford Focus Mk1 Problems

    i had also the waterleak problems. it was the thermost housing just below the alternator.
  10. Ford Focus Mk1 Problems

    ive manged to cure my idle fro going low to high. i replaced to idle control valve.on the 1.6 its at the front of the engine on the rights next to the inlet manifold. also just behind the manifiold there is a pipe which collapse and causes problems. clutch mine is also high and no known problems
  11. Locking The Crankshaft To Tightern The Pully Bolt 1.6 2002

    thought i give a update. all sorted running a lot smother. just like to say thankyou for all advice given
  12. hi all car is a 1.6 petrol cam and crank locked with kit. when belt fitted and and ready to tightern crankshaft pully bolt how do i hold crank still to do this.i know locking kit has to be removed. just unsure how i keep it still while doing up crank bolt thanks
  13. 1.6 Petrol Timing Belt Teninsioner 2002 Reg ive come across this it looking like that new part ive bought is a updated version of the orginal heres the infor i found
  14. 1.6 Petrol Timing Belt Teninsioner 2002 Reg

    going off europarts the orginal type on e engine is for car s upto april 2005 were the type i have bought is upto april 2005 getting very puzzled here
  15. 1.6 Petrol Timing Belt Teninsioner 2002 Reg

    iantt as mine is 51 regersted infeb 2002 how would i know what i need,would i be better off taking old one to places like halfords and see what they cheers for the the infor