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  1. Thanks again
  2. Thanks very much for that, will look into it! Cheers
  3. Hi thanks for that. Seems to be running normally with no other running issues at all. Must admit have been using some pretty cheap oil as its been using so much so will certainly give some decent stuff a go. Thanks very much again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi, can anyone help? My sons fiesta is using loads of oil but is not leaking or appears to be burning it. It's a 1996 1.25 zetec which runs quietly and smoothly but drinks oil. ( 4 litres in the last 10 days ) Any suggestions please!!!
  5. Many thanks again, will get on it!
  6. Hi thanks for the advice. It's actually a zetec and does nt sound tappity. Do you reckon it's still worth checking the valve clearences ? Cheers
  7. Hi, my Mk 4 fiesta is using a lot of oil but is not burning it and has no external leaks! God only nows where it 's going! Any suggestions?