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  1. Have a problem with the boot keep unlocking itself randomly (mostly when starting the car), so after some research (and it being looked at during service) the problem is water in the switch below the Ford logo. I know what needs replacing roughly, but I cannot get access to it. The problem is getting the interior cover off the boot lid. I took the screws out of the two side panels (which hold up the shelf) and managed to yank them off. I then removed the screw in the inside handle for the boot, but I can't for the life of me get the plastic cover off the boot lid. Tried pulling it via the handle, nothing. Tried going round it prising it off with a tool but nothing. I got maybe 1 or 2 clips undone at the most, but they ended up going back in! Spent about an hour and got nowhere with it :( I'd imagine it's not too bad if you can get a grip on the thing to just pull it straight off, but apart from the handle there doesn't seem to be anywhere else to hold it. Any tips at all? Or is there a video of how to do it? Thanks
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