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  1. Dashcams, again!

    I got a full refund for service + mot from a large national dealer under similar circumstances. Mixture of dashcam footage of the mechanic speeding on his way home for lunch, and also how they had advertised the package wrong to begin with (was lead to believe it was a full service, but was actually just oil+filter, which was done after the MOT for some reason). Wouldn't take free service as noted above!
  2. Heated rear windscreen?
  3. Removing wax from black trim

    Pencil eraser and elbow grease. Poorboy's trim restorer to finish. Not going to lie, it's a lot of work. Getting wax on black trim is a mistake I've made once and will never make again after how much effort it took to remove.
  4. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Mine is a 2013 125 and has minor surface rust on the pipe. Hasn't gone deep yet.
  5. Ecoboost coolant bubbling

    What happens when the hoses fail is well documented - there was a recall on one which split under heat. Cloud of white smoke and many, many people cooked their engines.
  6. New Fiesta, whos got one?

    In that case all models but ST and ST Line are definitely worse looking!
  7. New Fiesta, whos got one?

    I saw one in the wild the other day, DRLs look horrible compared to the 7.5. It was a titanium without dress up kit I saw, so I'm not sure if the back is worse too yet, though my first impression was last gen focus in cold weather - shrunk...
  8. Do I have an alarm?

    I may be wrong but I have a suspicion that the alarm uses the horn as the sounder
  9. Program fiesta for bluetooth

    I've heard modded elm only works on the focus, not the fiesta. The options that need in the ford IDS is along the lines of bt VC high with iPod function Ford dealer can do it, but a lot of them are clueless with anything that doesn't burn or move. They might need some specific details on what to do. Should cost about 15-30 mins labour if you get a knowledgeable one with the electronic side of things / changing the car configuration file. Here's my notes from when I upgraded my previous fiesta:
  10. Is this possible? Upgrade my car BLUETOOTH

    Upgrading from BVC-Low to BVC-High isn't too tricky, but sounds like OP is looking to install from scratch. Bit more involved - wiring loom&fascia for usb, wiring loom for indicator voice control button, possibly new indicator stalk, speakers may need upgrading as well (can probably get away without doing that) on top of the usual (correct) Bluetooth module and 30 mins labour with an IDS. Probably better for him to just go with the parrot and just pick a model that does music too tbh
  11. If you think there might be air trapped in the system, yes. Otherwise probably not. Make sure the engine is cold before doing this.
  12. Where is this from?!

    eBay.co.uk. Can't remember exactly what to search, but you know what you're looking for :)
  13. Where is this from?!

    If you're really bothered about it you can buy covers for the strut tops which should just slot in place. Saw them about on eBay a while back.
  14. Correct, steering rack limiter should be fitted with 17's. Essentially means your full lock isn't quite as far round as with smaller wheels.
  15. Front bumper!

    Worth asking body repair or your ford dealer for a quote on getting that sprayed. I seriously doubt it would cost £300, it wouldn't be much more for a new bumper sprayed & fitted.