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  1. MK8 125bhp remap

    Mountune is Ford approved, so the warranty stays in tact I believe.
  2. I use tesco momentum 99. Seems smoother than bog standard but that may be placebo.
  3. Now the new Fiesta is on the road...

    Boring from the back, and then I overtook it and saw the DRLs at the front. Boak.
  4. Potential Purchase, Quick Question

    Mind your insurer will probably want to know if the cars an import, also steering wheel on the correct side?
  5. will 18 x 8j alloys fit my 2014 fiesta 1.25

    You should fit a steering rack limiter
  6. so how do i get round this then

    Indeed it is. Not sure how hot the red hot knife would be, but iirc the flash point of coolant at normal/atmospheric pressure isn't far over 100c.
  7. so how do i get round this then

    Isn't there a potential to light the coolant doing this?
  8. Advice on buying a Fiesta

    Go for the 125 rather than the 99 unless you're getting a great deal. You notice the difference.
  9. Fiesta ZS Thefts

    Interesting idea. I have a wallet which was around a tenner that blocks RFID - I wonder if the same would work on or at least limit the distance (enough to prevent the range extender method) on a keyless car. I don't have keyless so can't test, but if anyone does have both would be interesting to know.
  10. USB port won't charge anything very well. Low amps. Better using the ***** lighter adapter.
  11. Where is your dash cam located.

    I believe most dashcams are small enough to get through the mot without issue. The maximum size of objects blocking view is much smaller infront of the driver than in front of the passenger. I have my front camera tucked behind the rear view mirror on the left of it.
  12. Third year service & first MOT next month

    Is there any problem using 5/30? I'd have to check the paperwork but I've got a feeling mine had 5/30 last service+mot.
  13. Which tyres?

    I've been eyeing up conti premium 6 - anyone used them? Successor to both sport and premium 5 and seems around 100/corner.
  14. Fiesta ZS Thefts

    Perimeter alarm (I believe) doesn't go off if the small window is smashed, so if they can connect to obd without opening a door, no alarm. Edit: seems this was already covered above
  15. ABS light on

    Grab a OBD2 connector for a few quid and you can check codes yourself next time. Letting halfords check codes is asking for your wallet to take a hammering if you're unlucky in who serves you. I'm not going to say all halfords mechanics are bad, but being a huge chain with an emphasis on volume...