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  1. Anyone Got A Rear Tint?

    Enduser. Have a look online for tinted windows. The rear window will Be expensive and be expensive to fit. Use a good tint company and they'll give you at least a years warranty for any tints. The tints are fitted to the inside of the glass so can't be damaged from the outside. As for the inside, the edges are hidden so they're not easily caught. Mines been on for 8 month now and still look brand new.
  2. Mk 3.5 Toll Tag On Inside Of Windscreen?

    I was informed by Dartford crossing that their dart tag goes in the windscreen ideally behind the black mesh surrounding the rear view mirror. Sent by mind control using Ford OC
  3. Sidelight And Interior 501 Leds

    I've had these in my car for about 5 weeks now and they look good. Little projector types for under £7. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=381018245281 Sent by mind control using Ford OC
  4. Armor All Shield Wax.

    It's been over two weeks since I applied this wax and it's still effective. The water is just beading away. I must say I'm impressed. Sent by mind control using Ford OC
  5. Steering Wheel Trim.

    Looks like I'm getting it wrapped then!
  6. Steering Wheel Trim.

    I'll have a look tomorrow mate. There's a good place not far from me that's highly recommended for wrapping. Cheers.
  7. Steering Wheel Trim.

    If anything I'd get it the same colour, or the same titanium colour as the centre console. I assume they can wrap it whilst it's in place?
  8. Steering Wheel Trim.

    Cheers lads. Any info would be great. I'd imagine this wouldn't be covered by warranty haha
  9. Steering Wheel Trim.

    Help! The silver foil on my steering wheels trim is starting to peel. They don't look replaceable so could I get it vinyl wrapped? Would it need removing? Attached a photo. Sent by mind control using Ford OC
  10. Car Fresheners

    Not too keen on bubblegum smells. But each to their own! I'm loving the Yankee Candle one I'm using. Itnisntnocetpoerring or fragrances the car, but you get wafts as it swings about. Lovely red apple scents. Just ordered a sparkling cinnamon Yankee from eBay. I love cinnamon ;)
  11. Osram Nightbreaker Deal

    Theredfox. im preferring the Phillips at the moment. A much whiter beam compared to the Osram. Although I used the Osram in my Peugeot. They didn't last very long and that's a major gripe by all users. Will wait and see on the lifetime of the Phillips.
  12. Osram Nightbreaker Deal

    I bought some Phillips X-Treme vision bulbs from them. £20 for a pair.
  13. Osram Nightbreaker Deal

    The website link is there. Take a look. I've used them before and they were spot on.
  14. Osram Nightbreaker Deal

    It's £16.95 for the pair.
  15. Osram Nightbreaker Deal

    Powerbulbs are offering sets of Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited (H1, H4 & H7) for just £16.95 with free P&P. You also get a pair of Osram 501 sidelight bulbs for free as well. Bargain I say. http://www.powerbulbs.com/store/category/osram-nightbreaker-unlimited?utm_source=MailingList&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20.03.15+-+OSRAM+NBU+Offer Sent by mind control using Ford OC