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  1. what i hate even more is when they patch up the hole, and dont do a good job and the repair barely lasts a couple of months. another rant, hounslow council repaired a road by removing the old surface and putting a new layer, which is all good and what we expect. but they were such idiots that they did half the road an just left the other half, which was worse than the bit that they repaired. it makes no sense at all. one minute your on the newly laid road surface, smooth and as you'd expect a road to be, then all of a sudden its like your on an off road circuit, having to slow down to about 15-20mph so that you can try and avoid the holes and bumps. utter load of nonsense
  2. 23 but not acting my age, more like 13 oh well, lets see how long that lasts for
  3. it not unusual for claims to take ages to settle. just fight you corner saying that it wasnt your fault.
  4. insurance for the diesels will be higher than for a petrol. i would say a petrol, if your miles are not that high. just make sure that the service history checks out and also at your price, there will be a few cars that have been damaged repaired, cat c and cat d cars. they are cheaper, but decide first if your happy with these type of cars.
  5. yes they are quite stiff, mine are aswell. but just dont go crazy and if you old the morrors as mentioned above you shouldnt have any problems. i wouldnt use any wd40 as such.
  6. dont worry about the fuel consumption figures given by any company, i dont think they do real world, even now. its all done in a lab. your doing really good getting that close to the official figures. usually, in real world you are about 10% out on the official figures, in general.
  7. just be gentle, and the oil should burn off in due course. after some time it might be a good idea to clean the pipework
  8. i wouldnt advise driving the car or starting the engine for that matter get it checked out asap the work itself (valve) isnt too bad, just the labour incurred, takes a while to do the work bent conrod? not sure about that as ive only done valve work once, never gone that far before
  9. was it just a straight swap as im thinking of changing the 6000cd radio for the sony one
  10. thats the same as in my focus as well, thought that was abit odd at first cost cutting gone extreme?
  11. use whats being said in the replies. also try and stick to the same grade and type of oil all the time, ie semi used before then use semi all the time. ive heard that changing to say, synthetic after using semi all the time is not good as the tolerences in the engine adjust to the type of oil that you use
  12. with me, its noisy wen cold, but quietens down when warmed up, so i think that just normal are the valves hydralic on these diesels?
  13. ive read on other topics on other forums on the net that even with diesel motors that the intervals are the same, i have th esame engine as yours. 1.8tdci, and i will be going tomy local ford garage to check this out just to make sure my belts has started making its slipping noise. only happens on startup from cold so im not going to be taking any chances