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  1. i would see if you can move the latch to the open position i have had this happen on other cars when ive had the door frozen and all i did was flip the latch
  2. somtime you just need to re set the latch back to the open/closed position video not available
  3. Interior light issue (Doesn't go off)

    Not that im an expert but a couple of things come to mind firstly check the Switch if possible and clean the contacts as it could just be a bit of dirt stopping it or a poor connection secondly try changing the bulb it may have malfunctioned
  4. Another sat nav question

    just found this http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/71441-2014-focus-zetec-s-stereodisplay-upgrade/
  5. Fitting Daytime lights

    I fitted the lights myself and got my local garage to do the electrical stuff, there may meamobile electrician somewhere local but honestly fit the lights yourself.
  6. Fitting Daytime lights

    the slots on the front just pop out but do it carfully (PUN) behind them is polystyrene inserts these also pull out ,lights should just pop in insert cables first and use cable ties to keep cable away from and moving parts on the Engine then wire up as per the instructions tbh i had an auto electrician wire mine up took him 10 mins but was done correctly
  7. Buying secondhand Mk3 2.0tdci auto

    i have a 2013 2.o auto titanium its a great car just make shure the gearbox oil and filter has been recently changed i think it has to be changed every 2 years its £250.00 to get it done at ford and it has a full service history , other than that just check for the normal things , all i have done to mine is added the K&N filter ans DRLs at the front
  8. My ZS - Weatherstrips

    Hi this has happened to a lot of ford cars,including mine ! ford will charge £25.00 to stick them back on ! Just get some strong generic glue pull the strip off from the door clean with white spirit/meths, dry area of residue using a toothpick/straw smear glue in the little well then smear glue on to seal leave for a couple of minutes ,replace seal and attach some decorators tape to hold seal to the door, leave for 24 hours remove tape job done, Happy days
  9. I added hill start assist but its not working

    I sort of has the same issue on my 2013 titanium it turns out, having sent it back to Ford that the hill start although activated only holds the car for a couple of seconds, literally!, just enough for you to pull away,
  10. New member with a poorly Mk3 1.0

    I would thing it is time to return it as unfit for use , contact Ford customer Service on their website, and Challenge them ,
  11. Mk3 drls

    i got mine from China £46.00 including shipping it does take a while to get here tho https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=AS_20170716004046&SearchText=ford+focus+2013+accessories have a look thro the pages on here or refine your search Mine fitted straight in and work Great
  12. M25 Quietest times around the Heathrow Area

    Wll be Going A1 rout over the Bridge , as there are some roadworks going on near heathrow and i really dont want to get stuck there like last time just isn't worth it, time wise.All route planners aa Rac Mitchellin.green flag etc are quoting between 3.42 mins to-5 hours using the M1 /25
  13. M25 Quietest times around the Heathrow Area

    Many thanks for all your help Guys it is much Appreciated
  14. M25 Quietest times around the Heathrow Area

    Thanks Alex i'm kinda caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, if i go for the Dartford Tunnel i could very well get Totally Snarled up there, or do i just hope that the Traffic is Flowing albeit Slowly around Heathrow.
  15. Hi Guys travelling to Gatwick next Wednesday i was Wondering what is (sort of the Quietest) times around the Heathrow Area plan on leaving Yorkshire around 12:30 so should be on the M25 about 2:30 -3 pm ish is this a busy or Quiet Time thanks