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  1. Awful MPG zetec 1.0 Ecoboost (100)

    in a week I do 24 1 mile journies and 4 3 mile journies and average 42.5 mpg. to max your mpg accelerate gently and slow gradually keeping the car in gear and not using the brakes. decelerating in this manor switches off the fuel injectors so you get the distance travelled for free.
  2. Minimum litre engine for motorways

    I used to have a mk6.5 1.25 zetec and it was fine in town and on the motorways. If you come to a steed hill just drop it down a gear and it still made good progress Edit. it Revs at 3200 rpm at 70mph
  3. Subwoofer

    It could be the rear wiper rather than the bumper . A question to ask yourself is would you be willing to live with hearing loss in later life. hearing loss begins at 85db if you're car exterior body panel are vibrating loud enough for people several feet away to hear it probably loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss over time. I have a sub installed but it is there to increase the range and depth of sound rather than blast your head off. At the end of the day it's your system for you to enjoy as you see fit. But turning the sub down may be the cheapest and easiest fix.
  4. Stop-start doesn't seem to work

    Just use it for minimum 5 minutes a week and the seals will be fine
  5. Start-stop never activates!

    Try resetting the battery monitor to do this turn the car on to acc wait 10 seconds then press fog light switch 5 times then hazard switch 3 times then the battery light on dash will flash to confirm it was completed successfully Also won't hurt to charge your battery using a charger that is stop start battery compatible not all chargers are
  6. Forscan

    to activate mine i just ticked a box to activate the auto locking feature. i did take a backup of all my settings first just in case
  7. Forscan

    extended licence is needed all info link below
  8. Forscan

    you need a licence to be able to activate that setting. when activated the doors lock at 15mph
  9. So just bought a Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost

    other drivers call my ecoboost clutch heavy for me its perfectly weighted and when i get in there car it's too light. i think it just comes down to personal opinion / preference.
  10. Tyre pressures.... need to check....

    Shouldn't do as long as the pressure is within tire spec max psi which is printed on the side of the tire, but if you run at these pressures cornering and braking performance is reduced. So probably best not to
  11. Tyre pressures.... need to check....

    It can get a bit rear end happy if you don't reduce the pressure back down when unladen. Fuel economy is better though but that's the trade off I suppose.

    Thanks to block exemption you can get the car serviced at an independent garage and keep warranty
  13. Powershift Transmission

    From what I gather early models had some pretty major problems and gained the nickname Powershit transmission. I haven't heard of many horror stories form owners of cars built in last couple of years
  14. Sync Applink 1.1 and Spotify

    Have you upgraded sync to v5.9 as this contains a number of bug fixes.
  15. Fiesta 7.5 Parking Sensor Switch LED Colour

    the three switches (stop/start, eco select, and parking) all have the same yellow led on them but if you are custom making your switches then I don't see why you couldn't have them any colour you wish.