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  1. ford just quoted £226 for a second-year service. reduced to £190 after a bit of a haggle. ended up taking it to Halfords who did the job for £135. on both years I've asked ford for a price they have been close to £100 more and I can't see me getting that back at the other end
  2. Coolant bottle

    Mine was replaced under warranty
  3. Media unit

    The mark 6 is quite easy to convert allowing any aftermarket radio to fit as said previously the Chinese ones tend to be cheap for a reason.
  4. New Fiesta with Sync 3 query

    I believe it displays rdstmc traffic via fm but the Ford pass version covers more roads at a higher level of detail
  5. New owner zetec s have question

    I don't think there is a flashing alarm light anywhere on the vehicle. if there is I've never seen it
  6. In the UK the lowest grade of fuel you can get is 95 Ron which is premium unleaded. The ecoboost will run quite happily on 91Ron unless towing or other severe duty usage. There is unlikely to be any benefit to running it on super unleaded so personally don't bother.
  7. Haggling on a Fiesta ST?

    plus one for carwow got bigger discounts than trying to haggle in person 2 years ago I got a total of £3800 off my fiesta. it was cheaper for me to take out there finance which i did for 2 weeks then paid it off the total cost of finance was around £22 so was quids in taking out the finance. if you visit carwow go via www.topcashback.co.uk for currently £50.50 cashback not much in the grand scheme of things but every little help. the only aspect I had to haggle on was the part ex. if you not happy with any part of the deal you can walk away. this is what I did as I wasn't happy with the part ex offer. a few days later the garage rang back with the part-ex offer I wanted and i then went ahead with the purchase and placed a deposit on the phone.
  8. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    ouch, that looks bad id get that into ford asap. my 65 plate has a very small spot of surface rust now that I've checked. is it worth painting the pipes to prevent problems down the road?
  9. Tyre pressures

    the main reason is to improve fuel economy.
  10. Subwoofer

    Yes all it does is allow you to tap into the factory speaker wiring
  11. Subwoofer

    Yes but only if the sub has a high pass input as the radio dose not have a sub output.
  12. Insurance for my 2014 1ltr Zetec S

    congrats on passing the test. I would just go with the black box unless your planning on driving like Lewis Hamilton is it really a bad thing? I would suggest that having the box fitted will probably make you a better driver as your going to be less likely to do something stupid knowing your driving is being monitored. passing your test doesn't mean you're a good driver just that you have learnt enough to continue learning on your own without posing an unacceptable risk to other road users. any gadget that will help you improve your driving skill set should be welcomed in my opinion.
  13. so how do i get round this then

    Got it booked in for Monday should be covered under warranty fingers crossed
  14. just tried to remove the cap of the expansion bottle and only the top part has come undone. i have tried removing the part left with needle nose pliers but no good. it seems well and truly cemented in place.
  15. glove box light always on

    all sorted a white plastic insert was loose and looked to be installed backwards turned it around and clicked it into place and now switches off and on when it should.