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  1. Flat Battery, 1.5 Amp Draining

    Cannot measure when locked, battery must be connected to lock, if then disconnected, the alarm goes off as soon as the meter connects between battery and wire terminal. I am beginning to think a drain of 0.8amps (10 watts) may be normal. Tonight I ran the car stationary for 45 mins to charge the battery, then disconnected it overnight. if the battery is flat tomorrow then confirms a dud battery.
  2. Flat Battery, 1.5 Amp Draining

    I have just done some more measurements and the drain is 1.8 amps at first contact, at this point there are a few humming noises from the dashboard, after about 10 secs the noises stop and the drain settles down to 0.8 amps eg about 10 watts. Is this ok??
  3. S-max - 3 Child Seats Accross The Back

    My son has an S Max and children 3, 5 & 7, he seems to have all sorts of combinations of seats over the last 3 years and all fitted ok, but cannot comment on particular seat models.
  4. Flat Battery, 1.5 Amp Draining

    Having battery trouble, keeps going flat overnight, it may simply be a dud battery (5years old) but during my failed attempts to fit a new one (I ran out of time), I noticed sparking when reconnecting old battery. Thought this a bit strange because nothing switched on, connected meter between terminal and live lead, it measured 1.5 amps. Now I know the basic systems of the car will be taking some power but 1.5 amps sounds very high to me, although because only 12v, I suppose it is only 18 watts. Do not want to fit brand new battery £70 if the problem is somewhere else. Is this "normal" or have I got a problem.
  5. Sudden Loss Of Power

    Very similar to my experience with an Smax, up to step 20 when car fired up for few seconds then died and would not start. Then spent many hours trying to get all the air out. Managed it finally but now want to buy a pump for the next time, my local car shop just look blank, any recommendations what/where to buy?
  6. Engine System Fault - Help

    Sorry that remaining error should have read "cooling fan rationality check" (?).
  7. Engine System Fault - Help

    Sorry for taking so long to report back but wanted to make sure the problem was properly solved.The garage replaced the glow plugs, they had problems as predicted and in the end had to keep the car for 2 days. I have no question this was genuine because I called in a couple of times during the 2 days. The engine warning light is now off and all faults clear except for one about "fan continuity" (?) and it is running well, so very happy. The garage charged me an extra 1/2 hour labour so it came to around £185 in the end and I was quite happy. So all is well, the garage is Wantage MOT Center (Wantage Oxfordshire), I have always found them very helpful and fair.
  8. Engine System Fault - Help

    Thanks Tomsfocus for talking about the DPF. I first came across this term when DIY servicing this car using schedule from Haynes manual. The manual described its location and I could not find one so decided it did not exist. Just looked at the log book and it states engine as Diesel, 1560cc, max net power 66KW. If I am correct this converts to 88 HP, note it is a Focus Estate. So does this mean there is no DPF or should I be looking harder. If there is a DPF problem then should this show up on a fault code? You mention the fan being used in regeneration of the DPF, do you mean the normal radiator fan, how does this relate to the DPF.
  9. Engine System Fault - Help

    The mileage is about 160k. I have no experience of Glow Plugs, not sure what they look like or where they are to be found but understand they are at the rear of the block and difficult to access. I had already read on many threads that they can break very easily when being removed so was not surprised when the garage man raised the issue. Very surprised that the "official" labour time for the quote is only 1 hour. Because I am very DIY on cars I have virtually no experience of garage quotes and I need to check if this is a fixed price or just an estimate, what happens if there are problems, do I pay the extra. I did raise the issue "what if this does not fix the problem" and the answer was "we will have to cross that bridge if we come to it". Not concerned because I have complete faith in the integrity of this garage and will give it a plug (!) when it all turns out well. Do not expect to have a result until about 2 weeks time.
  10. Engine System Fault - Help

    Just back from garage, they used a Snapon reader, but it came up with similar results except they were able to clear the crankshaft and the Exhaust gas valve fault leaving only the fan and glow plug fault. This was carried out by a youngish chap who then discussed it with older more experienced man who immediately advised it was a glow plug problem and they had seen similar on the same engine model recently. Also commented that they are very difficult to change, "will break just by looking at them", I have seen similar comments on many threads here so decided would not attempt because access also very difficult. Was a bit puzzled because I thought glow plugs only used at startup but was told that on Ford Diesels they are also used to help burn up the exhaust gas and if faulty the Computer senses exhaust gas composition out of limits so cuts back on engine power and turns on Engine Systems Fault. They have quoted me £145.63 to replace glow plugs, including parts, labour and VAT (based on 1hr labour @ £60 + 4 x £15.34 parts plus VAT on both), that was cheaper than I thought, although have also been charged £42 for diagnostics. However this is a garage I know well and have always found them to be fair and upfront. Will report back when job done, but will not be for a couple of weeks since the car is needed for a holiday, despite the low power.
  11. Engine System Fault - Help

    Have tried to wipe codes (using Torque App on Android phone) but they are all grey and app says cannot be deleted but ECU may delete them automatically after N starts. Seems strange since I thought greyed faults meant they were historic, but the fault is current. Did notice this morning that the Engine system fault message had disappeared at stat up, so rescanned faults and no different. The Engine fault comes back on very quickly after starting. Taking car into garage this afternoon for their diagnosis, will report back.
  12. Engine System Fault - Help

    This is a problem with my daughters car, a Focus Estate, 1.6 Diesel, 2007. For many months the "Engine System Fault" has been coming and going resulting in "limp home" mode when it shows. Currently it is on all the time and I am trying to help. Using a basic OBD device, the following faults are showing. P0483 - Powertrain Cooling Fan Rationality Check P0405 - Powertrain Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor "A" Circuit Low P0335 - Powertrain Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit P0380 - Powewrtrain Glow Plug/Heater Circuit "A" Note we have previously tackled the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Fault by blanking off the device as recommended in other threads. Since this fault has been showing when the "engine system Fault" has not been present I do not believe it is the root problem. Can anyone advise which of these other faults could cause the "engine system fault" problem or advise any other way forwards. Many thanks in advance.
  13. The car is a 2007 1.6 TDCI Estate,I fitted blanking plate and returned car to daughter. It seemed to run well, fault still shows on OBD and no engine failure light on dash, but that had disappeared anyway before fitting plate. Will see what happens in next few weeks. Fitting dd not go well, here are some notes which may help others, 1. I managed to crack the windscreen when removing the top cover strip under the wipers. HOW? With all clips removed it just would not come away from one particular point under the windscreen, so extra force (not a lot) was used resulting in crack. On examination it appears some excessive mastic from under the windscreen had come out and stuck the cover plate to the screen. Even knowing this now, I am not sure there is anything I could have done different, insurance excess £75. 2. Fixing nut holding EGR cooler was very difficult to access and immpossible to see. A 10mm socket appeared to fit but when engaged with 1/4" adapter it keep slipping off, after some thought I realised the thread length was very long and interferred with end of adaptor in socket prevented proper engagement. Had to only slightly engage adaptor to give room for thread length and allow socket to fully engage on nut. 3. Blanking plate not symmetrical, you need to study manifold shape to determine direction of fitting, not easy as difficult to see. To aid visual access I lifted out the fuel filter (while still connected) 4. When finally fitted and clamped up I noticed some gasket 'hanging' out from the joint. Not happy and wondered if gasket wrongly fitted. I unclamped the joint, removed the plate, removed both clamping screws and moved the EGR valve away as far as possible to inspect the gasket. All was well, the gasket fully covered the mating faces and was oversize at one point, producing the overhang. As you can see, I did not find this job particularly easy or cheap, maybe I am useless or maybe a bit unlucky. Still unsure about these OBD devices, I read about some that will do some very fancy stuff, while mine does not even seem able to delete a basic fault code. Need to do more research.
  14. Yes it is. As this is my daughter's car I have not got the day to day knowledge of dashboard warnings and limp home events. This morning I drove it and engine light was on, checked with ODB and code was present. Later, had car running in drive (stationary), no engine warning light showing but still code showing as current on ODB. Using "Torque" app on android device to read ODB and seems to be no way to delete fault. I am going to fit blanking plate this afternoon but have little confidence of clearing fault code or preventing more limp home sessions. I "look after" 3 ford cars in our family, maybe I need to invest in better ODB stuff? Any advice.
  15. Many thanks, it is what I expected, eg the EML fault will still show and maybe this is not related to the occasional limp home mode.(note correction to my post, I now have the car and see that the EML warning light is always on.) PS additional info - now I have the car I have just run the OBD thingy and full message is "P0405 - Powertrain Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor "A" Circuit Low"