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  1. christ for the amount of the money that would cost you would need very deep pockets
  2. sat nav does not touch the changer wiring so any genuine changer will do ,if your lead is not factory fitted you will need this installed too
  3. you can get a plug and play box that hooks in through the iso wiring
  4. some units do not work on this feature if you use written cds from a pc
  5. stereo facia adaptor iso leads convertor thats all thats needed for sure
  6. use a hairdyer and tease it off from the car leaves hardly any mess if you are gentle
  7. I have had 4 capris and still own one now a MK1 which I have owned for more than 20 years ,rust is its enemy
  8. The clutch may not be suited to your new engine or even its installation done correct ,im afraid only on e way to find out,drop the gearbox and look
  9. I would take it to an approved installer and consult their guidlines fella