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  1. I had the same problem as you and I'm 99% sure that I know the answer:P Pull down the back seat and oil the place (mount which goes into the back seat)... When you pull down the seat - the mount does not touch it so it doesn't squeak... Oil it and put a small amount of oil in the mount into the back seat... hope you'll understand what I mean:P
  2. Ok I bought and installed steel alloys and tires... Alloys are R15 6.5J, 4x108, ET 47.5 and tires suitable for 15"alloys are 195/50 or 195/60 ... I bought 195/60 so as to have more comfort in the winter:) BTW do you think that Bridgestone tires are good? Because I hestited between Bridgestone and Michelin...
  3. Hi, will 195/65/r15 winter tires match my new fiesta:P and which size of alloys (which ET etc.) should I buy?? Because I found out that in a matter of 2-3 days there will be snow in Poland so I desperately need to buy tires and alloys!!:)
  4. Hi, do you observe this kind of problem like in the video because I dunno what to think about it... is it a fault or not...
  5. I've waited for that info!!!! I am still playing Forza 2 which is the best racing game I've ever played:))) I just cannot stop drifting in forza 2:)
  6. Soon I will post a nice video of my 1.6 ti-vct acceleration... Just for now I recorded and posted here 0 - 100 video but it was on a small hill and I didn't push the car to the limit because it had only 900km done:P
  7. I've got similar noise sometimes and I don't know if it is normal or not:/ but I didn't have such noises in my previous golf:P
  8. here you have how 2 lines work in my fiesta:
  9. the answer is no:) mine is manual 1.6 ti-vct with bluetooth and usb built in germany... and it has 2 lines:P
  10. I have 16" alloys and my spare wheel is 14" so I think it is normal:)
  11. mine is 5-door built in germany and it has 2 lines:)
  12. I bought my 1.6 Ti-VCT Titanium (in poland options are quite different) plus: Metallic Squeeze Bluetooth + USB Partial Dres Up (big rear spoiler + 16"alloys) Electronic Air Con Alarm Spare Wheel 2 keys like penknifes Alloy pedals All for £10,851 + £373 Insurance
  13. I won't help you because my car is beeing serviced now:P
  14. here you have my fiesta with rear big spoiler:)
  15. it doesn't lock.... all doors and boot lock but this little tank door stay opened:/