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  1. Mondeo 2.0 diesel

    Many thanks I will have a look.
  2. Mondeo 2.0 diesel

    Come on folks somebody must have experienced this problem. No replies I can't believe it.
  3. Great cars until you come against the dealers. Me I would not put a foot inside the premises of one ever again.
  4. New Ford Mondeo

    Hi. If you look at my thread you will see that I have the same problem with my 04 Tdci. I too have tried the dealer but without a proper answer. Fords do try I feel but they are continually at the mercy of their net work of dealers. The problem you have just can't be right even for a road safety reason. I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing the result.
  5. Hi. I have a 54 Mondeo diesel Ghia X. It has just started to hold its revs between 1300. - 1500 as if the cruise control has taken over. The revs reduce on applying the brake or de-clutching, but if not the cars carries on in whatever gear I am in. Once this starts the tick over becomes lumpy at around 900 to 1000. Any ideas folks will be gratefully received.